24 April 2018

It appears that Spring has finally arrived here at Sky Lake! Which is great because our annual Open House is less than a month away and our first summer campers check in two months from today.

Thanks for helping to tell the amazing story of Sky Lake. And thanks to everyone who has already shared some great ideas for future collaborations. Keep those ideas coming!

With gratitude,

Matt Williams
Sky Lake Director
Sunday, May 20
1:30 - 5:00 PM
Open House itself is free
Hot Dog Roast = $5/person until May 19th, $6 at the door
5K Trail Run/Walk = $25 until May 19th, $30 day of race

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Points to share
  • This is a perfect opportunity for families, youth groups, and individuals to come look around and experience your camp and retreat center
  • Open House visitors will be the first to see the newly repainted North cabins on the East Shore
  • There will be guided tours, open boating, crafts, and more
  • Open House will conclude with an alumni campfire (complete with singing)
  • The 5K Trail/Run Walk raises money for the Sky Lake Campership Fund
  • Both runners and walkers are welcome
  • The 5K route is a classic trail run, so expect some natural challenges such as tree roots, mud, and hills
  • Volunteers are needed to help with Open House and with the 5K race
Our Refer-a-Friend and Sibling Discounts remain active throughout the summer!

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  • Hashtag: #skylake18 #summercamp
  • Note: please tag @skylakecenter when using photo on social media

Points to share
  • Upper New York Camp & Retreat Ministries offers a refer-a-friend discount ($40 for each new camper an existing camper recruits to attend any eligible session of camp at any Upper New York Camp and Retreat Ministries site) and a sibling discount ($20 for each sibling attending any UNYCRM eligible session)
  • In addition to these discounts and financial support from local churches, many campers also apply for assistance from the Sky Lake Campership Fund
  • When it comes down to it, camp is all about relationships
  • Relationships are strengthened by making life-long memories through shared experiences
  • Sky Lake provides campers with shared, smaller-group experiences that help them more deeply connect with other campers and staff, with nature, and with God
  • Share a positive personal story of when you experienced a greater connection with others, with nature, and/or with God at Sky Lake (or church camp in general) — PSST...You can invite campers to do this too!
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