2 May 2018

It's a busy week here at Sky Lake, so we're keeping this edition of the Campbassador a bit short. Hope we'll see some of you (or folks from your church) at Volunteer Work Day on Saturday!

With gratitude,

Matt Williams
Sky Lake Director
Memorial Day Weekend
A variety of packages and accommodations are available
Family Campground (May 25-28)
West Shore Cabins (May 25-28)
Riley Lodge (May 26-28)

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Points to share
  • Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial kickoff of summer
  • A great time and place to get away with the family
  • A variety of packages and accommodations are available
Keep a List, Check it Multiple Times

It's really helpful to create a spreadsheet of campers from your church(es) who will be going to Sky Lake (or any Upper New York and/or Susquehanna Camp and Retreat Center) this summer. At a minimum, include the camper's name and what session they'll be attending. Why? With this list you can:
  • check in with families to make sure they're all set (especially helpful for families who might struggle financially--particularly if you or someone else from your church can provide assistance with purchasing some of the incidentals needed for camp. Keep in mind that we keep some sleeping bags, flashlights, etc. on hand here for campers to borrow)
  • create a reminder to send each camper a card/note while they're at camp (it's always great to receive physical mail from home. Our mailing address is at the bottom of this email)
  • check in with campers after they've returned from camp
  • more easily recruit these campers to help lead part of your Camp and Retreat Sunday next year!

Do you have a great tip that you think other Sky Lake Campbassadors might find useful? If so, email your tip to: matt@skylakecenter.org
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