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           Greetings! We have so much to share this time and things are going to accelerate from here! So many of you have contacted us to let us know there are no longer any Sky Bars available for sale anywhere and we are very anxious to get them back out there and into your hands. So here's the progress we have made since our last update.

We received 10 molds from Agathon in Germany in order to be able to do factory acceptance testing on the equipment. This was very exciting as we were seeing our molds for the first time. Here's Frank opening the box.

Chef Joe Gatto happened to be setting up to do a cooking class at Duck Soup when the molds arrived.
Jeff Green tested the molds for us and they worked just fine. Sorry, these are solid blocks of chocolate, not real SkyBars! But if you look closely you can just about see the new writing down the middle. Instead of "NECCO" it says "Sky Bar."

We heard that the wrapping machine was ready so  on July 18, we went to Ilapak in Newtown, PA to see it in operation.

On the left, looking like a ramp is the Longford card feeder that deposits the folded cards onto the Ilapak conveyor belt ready for the SkyBars to be placed in them. On the right is a system of pulleys that dispenses the wrapper roll exactly onto the bar, cuts it, and seals it.

And this is the finished product, but of course eventually it will be the real wrapper with real Sky Bars inside.

Here is engineer Brad with the machine he built for Sky Bar. This view of the machine shows where the cutting and sealing takes place.

So next all the rest of the molds arrived at Logan from Germany, cleared customs and showed up at our door.

We were ready for them: we'd added new doors in the basement that are wide enough for pallets to go right in.

On Wednesday (July 31) when we parked at Logan Airport for our trip to Grand Rapids it looked like a beautiful day.

Then this happened. We were at the airport for 10 hours. Arriving in Detroit at 3am, we had to rent a car and drive 160 miles to Grand Rapids because we had missed our connection of course.

But it was oh so worth it! This is Egan Food Technologies, where we met our molding line.
Built by Ben and Joe.
The mold hopper.
This is the one shot depositor. Amazingly, the base, the fillings and the top of the bar are all deposited at the same time! I'm serious. I saw it with my own eyes.

And it worked! This is still not a SkyBar: this is just random chocolate and some caramel. But how did it do that? Hopefully one day I will totally understand this incredible machine...and hopefully it will keep on doing that so that we can get a bunch of bars made and delivered to you!
What's next? Well, this Friday, August 9, Atlantic Millwrights will be here to unload the Ilapak and the electrician will prepare the drops for hookup. I have the proof for the wrapper and once I return that, production will start with a goal of having the roll of wrappers by the end of the month. We have ordered ingredients and the cooker and tempering equipment are ready to be delivered. It's all happening.

Until next time, stay well and stay tuned! 

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