Dear Skyliners,

The 2022-23 synchro season is officially in full swing! Our Pep Rally was a huge success, drawing hundreds of family members, friends, alumni and fans to the Terry Conners Rink to cheer on and be awed the premiere performances of our awesome programs! Our Pep Rally dinner and auction was a lot of fun! Thank you to all the fabulous volunteers without whom this event would not have been possible, as well as our fantastic coaches and skaters who gave it their all and then partied hard.

This season's first competitions are right around the corner with Novice, Junior and Senior attending the Fall Classic in California, the Essex Synchro Classic, and then Boston Classic rounding out November's competitions. Please cheer on our skaters - either in person, online or in Sky-spirit!!

This issue of SkyBlast features Skyliners in the news, Pep Rally and Dinner photos, Upcoming Competition information and Line Updates from all 14 lines. Enjoy, and
Go Skyliners!!!
The Intermediate line had a wonderful opportunity to perform in the Opening Day for Wollman Rink in Central Park! Despite (several!) music malfunctions, a steady stream of rain, and an unusual rink set up, the skaters did a fantastic job! Skyliners were featured on US Figure Skating's Instagram story, as well as Fox 5 Good Day New York News! We are so proud of you!
The Skyliners Pep Rally, Dinner and Auction is one of the biggest events of the year. This huge undertaking is a lot of work for all those involved and we wanted to acknowledge several people for their hard work and time making this year's event so successful!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Julia Lenina, Kellie Nolan, Aleksandra Lokshina, Nadya Tarasova, Betsy Cohen and Kimberly Paris for your leadership and coordination!

Thank you Leslie Goudie for providing Sky families with with stylish Sky gear and setting up at the rink and at dinner!

Masako Sparks was invaluable helping run the event from start to finish, making the event a huge success for the organization! Thank you, Masako!

The event couldn't have run so smoothly without Anthony Iarriccio and Dmitriy Gutin (photo), Kim Frola (locker rooms), Theresa Petusky (raffle table), Tanya Delcegno (bake sale) and Wendy Eason (spirit wear) as our rink side team coordinators. Thank you all for your help!

Several alumni parents helped throughout the day - specifically Kimberly DeVirgilio, JoAnn Cohn, Anastasia Pryanikova, and Joy Marshall. Thank you!

Thank you to the talented photographers who sent over some "sneak peak" photos from the event - Michelle Lee, Franky Sze, and Dan Cip.
Fall Classic
Best of luck to our Novice, Junior and Senior lines as they head to Anaheim, CA next week for the Fall Classic!

Let's cheer them on!

Junior competes on 11/11 at 5:45pm PST
Senior competes on 11/11 at 6:36pm PST
Novice competes on 11/12 at 10:42pm PST
Essex Synchro Classic
Beginner Blue, Beginner Black, Beginner Sapphire, Beginner Onyx, Preliminary Blue, Preliminary Black, PreJuvenile Blue, PreJuvenile Black and Juvenile are going to debut their competitive season in West Orange, NJ on November 12th.

You've got this!
Boston Classic
Rounding out November's competitions, Beginner Blue, Beginner Black, Beginner Sapphire, Preliminary Blue, Preliminary Black, PreJuvenile Blue, PreJuvenile Black, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior will head over to Norwood, MA for the Boston Classic on November 18 - 20, 2022!

Good luck Skyliners!
Beginner Aqua

Beginner Aqua is off to a great start. The girls are thrilled with their Hawaiian-themed program. They have been working hard on their skating skills and are really coming together as a line. Aqua had an amazing time at the Pep Rally and showed up the next day in high spirits for a costumed Halloween practice. After a productive fall skating at Chelsea Piers in NYC, in November the girls will begin Sunday morning practices at Wollman Rink in Central Park. They are excited to watch the sun rise as they perfect their moves!
Beginner Onyx

The Beginner Onyx line from NJ performed in their first ever Skyliners Pep Rally! They may be the youngest line on the roster, but they demonstrated some huge heart during their performance to the Adam’s Family theme song. These skaters are ready to shine this season.
Beginner Sapphire

The Skyliners Beginner Sapphire line was thrilled to make their performing debut at the 2022-2023 season Pep Rally held in Stamford, Connecticut on Oct. 29 at the Terry Conners Rink.
As one of the youngest lines, Pep Rally marked the first time many of the girls have skated in front of a crowd of this size.  The “little queens” have been working hard to learn and perfect their routine, which is set to a medley of AvaMax’s “Kings & Queens” and Abba’s ”Dancing Queen,” since September.  Their smiles shone bright as they stroked and chasséd their way across the ice in their royal blue dresses, executing all their elements with flair.
Pep Rally also provided an opportunity for our new Beginner Sapphire families to experience the excitement and artistry of synchronized skating that their girls can aspire to achieve in the future as they advance in this competitive sport.
But the fun didn’t end with Pep Rally. The Beginner Sapphire line members who attended the auction and dinner that followed, had a blast bonding with their linemates and other lines, while showing their support for the Skyliners organization. 
Skating out of Codey Arena in Essex County New Jersey and led by Head Coach Lori Zimmerman, the Beginner Sapphire line are ready to earn their crowns during the upcoming 2022-2023 season.  They can’t wait to take to the ice for their first competition, which will be held at Codey Arena, their home rink, on November 12th.
Beginner Black

Beginner Black has had a fantastic start to the season! We have been learning how to grow and work together since our spring and summer practices into this fall! Our line practically doubled in size from last season, from 9 to 16 skaters! We loves skating at WSA! A highlight was getting glammed up for line photos and Pep Rally last week! This line is filled with many young hair and makeup enthusiasts! We are looking forward to our upcoming competitions in NJ and Massachusetts. Most of us are traveling together for synchro for the first time and are very excited!
Beginner Blue

The Beginner Blue Pirates proudly debuted their pirate song routine at pep rally. They were excited to take the ice and kick off the 2022-2023 synchronized skating season in front of their family and friends. This first performance showcased all their hard work over the past couple of months. These young skaters have grown together as a line both on and off the ice! November is sure to be an exciting month for Beginner Blue, as they look forward to competing in both the Essex Synchro Classic and the Boston Synchronized Skating Classic. They are looking forward to an amazing season!! Go Skyliners! Go Beginner Blue!
Preliminary Blue

The Preliminary Blue line debuted the 2022-2023 season with their performance of “Witches”! The skaters sparkled brightly on the ice with 2 amazing performances. The celebration dinner and auction was a great bonding experience for all the skaters and parents to partake in the fun and excitement of synchronized skating. With the skaters dedication, along with the parents support, we are ready to kick off this season! Go Skyliners!!
Preliminary Black

The preliminary line shined bright like shooting stars at the 2022 Pep Rally. While the season is just beginning, It has already been a dream come true to watch these girls connect both on and off the ice. We are looking forward to watching our skaters strengthen, bond and have fun during the upcoming season. Our hearts are dreaming of good things for all of you ladies this year!!
Up next: Essex Synchro Classic.
PreJuvenile Black

The Pre-Juv black skaters kicked off a magical season at Pep Rally with their stunning performance of "Alice in Wonderland". It is such a WONDER to see how quickly they pull the program together. It is all about friendship, excellence, and true dedication. The girls had a blast at the auction night. They wish their fellow Skyliners a successful and joyful competition season ahead! 
PreJuvenile Blue

The Pre-Juvenile Blue line has been working hard on their formations and step sequences and they really came to the Pep Rally ready to Rock! This line pulled together from the first trial of hair and make-up and a late practice the night before to the most rockin' performance we've seen them do yet at the Pep Rally. They continued to rock n' roll into the night dancing and enjoying the auction party. We love rock n' roll, we love these girls, and we know they're going to have a great season!

Skyliners Juvenile has been working incredibly hard since boot camp to prepare for one of the best events of our synchro season- PEP RALLY! The skaters were thrilled to debut their high energy NYC themed program! What is better than a day of skating, hair & make up and your friends? Why cheering on all of our Sky siblings at our kick off of course! Juvie’s competition schedule kicks into high gear as we start off the month of November with Essex and Boston Classic! Determined and motivated, our Juvies cannot wait to show off their ever improving skills and elements - all in their sparkly “Skyline” dresses! Wishing all Skyliners the best season yet! We can’t wait to cheer for you ok! Let’s Rock Da Boat!
by Sonya Vaninskaya

After finishing our Bootcamp in early August, the Intermediate line was back for regular weekend practices. On Saturdays, we have fitness with Coach Sandra where we work on our flexibility and learn new stretches, which increased our results from our summer stretching challenge.
We continued to work on our program, adding new features and experimenting with new ideas - we had special visits from Coach Avidan, who helped us with certain parts of the program and our individual power.
Over the course of September and October, we successfully made it through multiple run-throughs and have made lots of progress. 
Intermediate prided themselves in the completion of clinics with our coaches Josh and Avidan.
We took the ice on October 23 for the opening of Wollman rink. In the exhibition, we performed our program and created a short video with US Figure Skating.
The following weekend we, along with all of the other Skyliner lines, got to perform at our annual Pep Rally where we got the chance to cheer and support all our other lines.
We had a beautiful skate and a fun time at the dinner party and auction later that evening. The next day we had our Halloween practice, where we all wore costumes and had an ecstatic practice. 
We are continuing on working on our program and making new changes and improvements.

We’re so excited to compete at the Boston Classic later this month. Go Skyliners!
by Isabella Vilarelle

With every new synchro season, a new line is formed. A melting pot of new skaters and old friends. There are indescribable feelings of anticipation for a new season and excitement for a new program. The Skyliners Novice line certainly felt these in April as we started our practices of the new synchro season. Everyone quickly got acquainted and made friends, as we had our first team bonding activity. The Novice line got to know each other better, bonding over common interests in icebreaker activities and picnic lunch with sweets.
We continued to strengthen our team dynamic in our August bootcamp where we started our program, first heard our music, and got a glimpse of our gorgeous dresses! Since then, our coaches, Pam and Alex, vigilantly prepared us for Pep Rally and for the official start of the competition season. We are so grateful for them and all the ways that they help us to sharpen our Sky skills.

Novice had a successful Pep Rally, doing their best in both skates and having tons of fun. It's always such a fun event because everyone gets to debut their programs, watch the other lines perform, and celebrate with dancing and dinner afterward. The following day, it was back to work. After a long night of fun, we had our Halloween practice where the line dressed up while preparing for our first competition in Anaheim, California. The week after Anaheim, it's off to the Boston Classic competition! With both competitions fast approaching, we are aiming for success by skating to the best of our abilities. Get ready, line moms! It will soon be time to celebrate again!

We are all so excited to be traveling and competing for the first time as a line next week! The Novice line already has such a strong bond and I hope that as the season progresses that it will only strengthen. I can’t wait to grow with my amazing teammates and see where this season takes us! Go Skyliners!!!
by Amanda Zhong

As the 2022-2023 competition season approaches, so did the highly anticipated annual Pep Rally. From the youngest skaters on the Intro and Beginner lines to the most experienced skaters on Junior and Senior, Pep Rally always finds a way to unite all 14 Skyliner lines. While the bleachers were filled with skaters, friends, and family, the rink was filled with the supportive cheers of the audience, as each line took the ice and skated their program.
After several weekends of long and hard working practices, the feeling of being able to showcase what we have been working on was incredible. The adrenaline carried us through each of the 4 programs we put out, and we loved being able to perform for a large audience. Between each of our programs and changing in and out of our dresses, we were able to watch and cheer on many of the other Skyliner lines for the first time this season. From Juvenile's New York themed program to Senior's Britney Spears program, we thoroughly enjoyed each and every performance we got to watch. Then, hurrying back to the locker room, prior to each time we took the ice, we made sure to do our traditional "S-K-Y Sky-USA" cheer with Josh. After many beautiful performances from all of the lines, Pep Rally was, as always, concluded with the annual hectic group picture directed by Josh. While the parents all take out their phones to take pictures, the 14 Skyliner lines are all bundled together as a unit.
Following this year's Pep Rally, we are now looking forward to and working even harder as our first competition in Anaheim approaches, and we can’t wait for the rest of the season to come! Go Skyliners!!
by Abby McGuire

After a busy fall season of training each weekend, the Senior line was eager to put our short and long program on front and center stage. With gaining confidence in our potential from frequent Sports Psychology sessions, and intense hours of training focused on strength and performance the energy of the line consistently rose until Pep Rally weekend. Day of Pep Rally our line traveled up to Sport-O-Rama for a condensed version of our normal Saturday session there, ran through all we needed to feel comfortable with what was soon to be put out at Pep Rally. After our on ice session our line gathered with the Intermediate, Novice and Junior lines to get our hair and makeup all set. The energy flowing through the room yelling lyrics to Taylor Swift songs was only moving our excitement higher. As we arrived at Terry Connors, lines of all levels were doing their prospective warmups outside and getting each other riled up for a fun exhibition. Once the time hit, all lines were rushing around the rink halls with excitement, dresses were put on for the first official time, and family members were cheering their skaters on. In between each of our performances, the Senior line ran out to the boards to watch and cheer on any lines we could. Our long program went smooth with one hiccup at the beginning but failed to hinder our excitement to keep the crowd entertained and show off what we had worked for. Both short program performances were filled with 16 Britany Spears rocking it confidently across the ice. Wrapping up, after Pep Rally the Senior line along with the entire Skyliners organization is feeling the happiness for the upcoming competition season and cannot wait to show all the work we have done within this fall. 
Skyliners was established in 2001 by a group of parents who wanted to create the most competitive synchronized skating club in the tri-state area. In that first year, the team had three lines - Preliminary, Juvenile and Intermediate. Twenty-two years later, Skyliners has grown into one of the top synchronized skating teams in the country, now 14 lines and 265+ skaters strong. While the majority of the skaters reside in the tri-state area, we also have had skaters from Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. Our resume of achievements includes 33 Eastern championships, 16 National championships, 8 International gold medals, and making history with one bronze and two Junior Worlds Silver medals. 
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