SkyView 12.2 and Remote Magnetometer Released
Hello from Seattle,

We're just getting home from Sun-n-Fun and Aero Friedrichshafen before that. I hope we had a chance to chat if you made it out to either show. We had a great couple weeks visiting with everyone. Now that we're back, we're excited to release our latest product updates: SkyView 12.2 is available to download, and the new Remote Magnetometer is now available to order.

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Michael Schofield
Marketing Manger
Dynon Avionics 
SkyView 12.2 Software Available for Download
SkyView 12.2 software is now  available for download  for all SkyView systems.  SkyView 12.2 features support for the new magnetometer, an update to its transponder software to support 2020 ADS-B rule compliance, and improvements to SkyView's ADS-B weather and TFR display capabilities.


Transponder Software Update to support ADS-B 2020 Compliance

SkyView 12.2 also includes a software update for SkyView's SV-XPNDR-26X transponders. This update adds support for the Garmin ADS-B+ data format required to use the GTN and GNS (WAAS versions) IFR navigators as a GPS position device for 2020 ADS-B mandate compliance credit. Pilots that have these navigators installed in their aircraft and connected to SkyView's SV-XPNDR-26X are encouraged to update to SkyView 12.2 and enable ADS-B+ format support on both SkyView and their navigator. 

As always, updated documentation is available, with red-line versions that capture the changes since 12.0. There's a full set of release notes that details every feature, improvement, and bug fix.

Now Available: Remote Magnetometer for SkyView 
SkyView's ADAHRS provides pilots with all their primary flight instruments in a compact package barely bigger than a deck of cards. In some aircraft, finding a suitable location for the ADAHRS is challenging due to competing location requirements for the air data, attitude, and magnetic heading sensors.

To ease installation, Dynon will offer an optional remote 
magnetometer that lets customers install the magnetic sensors in an ideal  location in the aircraft. The SV-MAG-236 is has a list price of $180, but will be  available at introduction for $140. 

SV-MAG-236 Remote Magnetometer for SkyView 

Model: SV-MAG-236

List Price: $180

Introductory Price: $140


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