Hello from Seattle! In this email, we have a couple of pieces of news to share:
  • SkyView Software 13.0 is now available for download.
  • The first wave of builder support parts are available from the new Dynon online store.
SkyView Software Version 13.0 Now Available
SkyView 13.0 software is now available for download  for all SkyView systems. As always, updated documentation is available, with red-line versions that capture the changes since the last release. There's also a "what's new" page that details every feature, improvement, and bug fix in this version. Two important notes:
  • Immediately after we released 13.0 last week, we found a couple of bugs and quickly released two small updates to fix them. The latest version - 13.0.3 - was released on Friday, 8/7/15. If you installed 13.0 earlier last week, you should update to 13.0.2 if you have a system that is likely to benefit from either fix. You should update if you are planning on using the new non-US enroute charts, or if you use an ARINC-based navigator such as a GNS or GTN. See the "what's new" page for complete details on these issues.
  • If you are a current Seattle Avionics ChartData subscriber, you MUST update your USB sticks with new format ChartData using the latest version of the Seattle Avionics data manager when you update to SkyView 13.0 or later. To do this, make sure that the "Use data formatted for SkyView v13 or later" checkbox is checked, and then press the "Update Now" button.

SkyView 13.0 System Software debuts support for additional languages. German and French language packs that transform SkyView's on-screen interface are available as free downloads from the Dynon website. 

SkyView 13.0 also brings support for additional en-route charts for customers outside of the US. At release, partners offering charts include PocketFMS (Europe), OzRunways (Australia / New Zealand) and AvPlan EFB (Australia / New Zealand). US customers that already subscribe to Seattle Avionics ChartData will benefit from higher resolution, better looking en-route charts that copy to your USB stick much faster via the updated Seattle Avionics Data Manager.
Additionally, SkyView's synthetic vision adds predictive terrain alerts that dynamically shade terrain in yellow or red based on the aircraft's projected flight path. And pilots who fly behind the Rotax 912 iS powerplant gain useful new information, including throttle position, cold start assistance, and Eco/Power mode indications. 

SkyView 13.0 - Terrain Alerting plus Charts in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

SkyView 13.0 - Parlez vous Francais? 
(German language also available) French ICAO charts also shown.

New Online Store and Builder Support
Parts now Available

A few weeks ago we told you about our new Builder Central Team and some of the products they're developing to ease your aircraft homebuilding efforts.

Now that we're back from Oshkosh, we've launched our new and improved online store and the first of those products are available:

Learn More
Learn more about The New SkyView at www.TheNewSkyView.com  and at www.DynonAvionics.com !
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