SkyView 15.4.7 Now Available
for E-AB & LSA Aircraft
The latest version of SkyView system software for experimental and light sport aircraft is now available on the Dynon website for download .

Please note that this version of the software is NOT approved for Dynon Certified STC installations.

This update features the first official release for the Advanced Control Module (ACM). The ACM is the full-featured, plug-n-play digital electrical hub for aircraft equipped with our turnkey ADVANCEDPANEL product. The latest version of the ACM is now available with electronic circuit breakers. 

This software update also incorporates improvements to SkyView’s built-in vertical navigation capability to runways and airports, with guidance now displayed as a more intuitive glide slope rather than the previous VSI indications.

In addition to other improvements and fixes, this release also has fixes for two service bulletins that have recently been issued. Please read on for more information about these.
SkyView Service Bulletins
Dynon is issuing two Technical Service Bulletins. Fixes for both of these issues are contained in SkyView software version 15.4.7 or later. 
The “GPS Date Rollover Issue on Early SV-GPS-250 Units” bulletin is resolved simply by installing SkyView 15.4.7 or later, but please refer to the service bulletin for complete details about this issue.
The “SV-GPS-2020 Software Update” bulletin update involves early SV-GPS-2020 software and the way those products appear to the FAA’s ADS-B Out 2020 compliance monitoring systems. These early units output a technical value that the FAA’s systems do not expect to see, and this value is therefore flagged on the reports that pilots receive from FAA. An update to the SV-GPS-2020 software is contained in SkyView 15.4.7 or later. However, unlike most other modules, the SV-GPS-2020 must be manually updated after your system software is updated (similar to how the Dynon transponder is updated). Please refer to the bulletin below for complete details.
Additional Information
For the latest information about Dynon Certified and our SkyView HDX system, visit our website at .