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In February 2015, we  announced  a partnership   with  ForeFlight  that allows SkyView-equipped aircraft to transfer flight plans to and from ForeFlight Mobile. Pilots can also send GPS and attitude information from SkyView to ForeFlight.

At release, ForeFlight customers needed have a ForeFlight Mobile Pro subscription to use these features. Effective immediately, these capabilities are being expanded to all versions of ForeFlight Mobile, including ForeFlight Mobile Basic. Pilots need only update to ForeFlight version 7.0.1 or later, which is already available via the App Store .

If you have any questions about how this change affects you, please contact ForeFlight at team@foreflight.com .

Dynon SkyView and ForeFlight Mobile Wi-Fi Connectivity
Dynon SkyView and ForeFlight Mobile Wi-Fi Connectivity
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Dynon Avionics and ForeFlight 
Connect via Wi-Fi

Seamless Flight Planning

Plan your flights at home using ForeFlight Mobile's comprehensive flight planning features. Once at the airplane, save time by sending the planned route to your SkyView system via Wi-Fi. Flight plans sent from ForeFlight can be edited on SkyView and flown by the SkyView Autopilot. You can transfer updated flight plans between the devices at any time. 

Transfer Flight Plans between SkyView and ForeFlight Mobile
Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView and SkyView 12.0
SkyView to ForeFlight connectivity is enabled by a new Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView that is installed in any of SkyView's USB ports. The Wi-Fi Adapter costs $35 and can be purchased from Dynon Avionics dealers or Dynon directly. One is required for each SkyView display installed in an aircraft, maintaining system redundancy. Once configured, ForeFlight connects to SkyView through a secure WPA2-protected Wi-Fi link.

Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView

Support for the Wi-Fi Adapter is already built into the recently-released SkyView 12.0 Software. In addition to Wi-Fi and ForeFlight connectivity, SkyView 12.0 has over 40 new features and improvements , including Autopilot Auto-Trim, OBS Mode, customizable aircraft icons, and a new optional in-air magnetic heading calibration.
WAAS GPS and SkyView Attitude for ForeFlight
Pilots also benefit from SkyView's built-in WAAS GPS, which can drive aircraft position in ForeFlight. This is great for those with Wi-Fi-only iPads, and provides an additional high-availability GPS source for GPS-equipped devices.

When connected to SkyView, ForeFlight's attitude indicator is driven by the same IFR-capable ADAHRS installed in every SkyView aircraft. This allows your ForeFlight attitude indication and Synthetic Vision display to show the same depiction for the best possible in-flight situational awareness.
Send SkyView's GPS Position and Attitude to ForeFlight

Wireless connectivity between Dynon SkyView and ForeFlight requires SkyView 12.0 Software, a Wi-Fi Adapter for each SkyView display, and a ForeFlight Mobile subscription. Instructions for configuring and using these features are in the updated SkyView System Installation Guide and Pilot's User Guide.


For additional information, visit the Dynon Avionics website or www.ForeFlight.com.


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