July/August 2019 Newsletter
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Message from the
Skyline Village Chicago Board
Dear Skyline Village Members and Friends,
We're happy to report that Skyline Village Chicago Board President Phyllis Mitzen is recovering from injuries acquired when she was hit by a van while crossing the street at Michigan and Delaware on June 24. After two intricate surgeries on her injured leg and foot, she is doing well, as she reported in an email:
" M any thanks for your concern and prayers. I just told my ICU nurses that while I wasn't lucky to have been hit by that van, I'm very lucky to have had the team of vascular, orthopedic and plastic surgeons who have made it possible that I'll regain function. Probably will need more surgery and lots and lots of rehab, but it could have been far worse. The big surgery took 10 hours, but the plastic surgery team was very pleased with the results. So far, so good. I'm doing as well as one can do under the circumstan c es. Thank goodness I didn't strike my head!  The pain is very much under control. All my best to each of you, and watch out for cars and vans that are in a hurry to race the light."

We, the Skyline Village Board members send greetings in lieu of Phyllis' usual Message From the President. Please read the reviews of recent Skyline activities included in this edition of the newsletter. Unlike the chilly, rainy weather Chicago has been experiencing, we are delighted to report that Skyline Village Chicago is hot!
New Memoir Writing Class
We're proud to announce an upcoming Memoir Writing class, free of charge to Skyline members. The class will be led by Sharon Kramer, a Beth Finke Master Teacher ™ and held from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. on Thursdays for six weeks, July 18 - August 22. This is the best deal of the summer! For a $75 per year Skyline membership, you can finally start to write those stories down. Click here to register.

Skyline Village Hosting Chicago Area Villages
Skyline Village will host the Chicago Area Villages coalition at a Dutch Treat lunch on Friday, September 20, 2019 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Chicago. The agenda include a recap from participants of the National Village-to-Village Network convention as it winds down its three-day conference. If you're curious about the Village Movement and don't necessarily want to attend the convention, please join us for this informal autumn gathering at Chicago Hamburger overlooking the Chicago River. Contact Regan Burke at regan.burke@gmail.com for more information.

We thank you for your support and your concern, prayers and well wishes for Phyllis Mitzen. Watch for updates from her in the next newsletter.
SVC Board of Directors,
Regan Burke
D Clancy
Sandy Herman
James Ross
Evelyn Shaevel
Pam Woodward
Phyllis created a Caring Bridge online group to keep people updated on her recovery. If you'd like to hear from Phyllis in her own words, sign up here:

If you haven't joined or renewed your membership yet, please do. Skyline Village Chicago needs your support to keep doing what we do.
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Good Times with Skyline Village Chicago

May 10 Friday Forum 

Lisa Yun Lee speaks at 9/11 Memorial & Museum 
We were privileged to host National Public Housing Museum's Executive Director, Dr. Lisa Yun Lee at Skyline's Friday Forum in May. Dr. Lee was a Co-Chair of Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Arts & Culture Transition Team and gave us a lively and informative description of what to expect with the new mayor. Main takeaway: more neighborhood cultural activities. 

Dr.Lee went on to give the keynote address at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City at an international conference
funded by the Mellon Foundation. The gathering entitled, Traversing the Gap: Relevance as a Transformative Force at Sites of Public Memory, explored the concept of "relevance," and how to educate, foster growth and encourage empathy at museums
and historic sites.
Visit the National Public Housing Museum's website:  www.nphm.org

May 31 Friday Forum
Community Health Equity
Raj C Shah, MD interviewed by Nancy Stevenson, The Adlai Stevenson Center on Democracy.

Nancy Stevenson, President of The Adlai Stevenson Center on Democracy interviewed  Dr. Raj Shah, co-author of Community Health Equity, A Reader, on the history and current practices of health care inequities in Chicago. We were shocked to learn the average life  expectancy in our neighborhood is ninety years while six miles away on the westside it's sixty years. Order this important and fascinating book here:  https://www.press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/C/bo36366389.html 

View the video from the session here: 

Top Left: Phyllis and Regan with Nancy Stephenson, Dr. Raj C.Shah

Bottom Left: Warwick Stevenson, organizer for The Adlai Stevenson Center for Democracy, and Skyline Village President Phyllis Mitzen 

June 4 - Driehaus Museum Volunteer Training
Skyline Village members Regan Burke, Mike Darcy, Bill Clancy, and D. Clancy recently participated in a volunteer training at Richard H. Driehaus Museum to join "Guest Ambassadors". The guest ambassadors help support the Museum's mission to preserve and interpret the architecture, design, and decorative arts of the Gilded Age through the historic home of Chicago banker Samuel M. Nickerson at 40 East Erie, Chicago.

The work is appealing and interesting because it involves greeting and welcoming visitors from near and far, answering questions, providing directions, and engaging in informal conversations about art and exhibitions while promoting Museum programs, special events, and memberships. Back of the house opportunities to help are also available.

In addition to working in a gorgeous venue and interacting with curious and eager visitors, the experience has been even more positive because the Museum staff has been so welcoming and enthusiastic about sharing information about the Nickerson historic home, its exhibits, and the Belle Epoque. It's a wonderful way to learn and to share one of Chicago's cultural treasures with the world!

If you're interested in joining the nascent Skyline team of volunteers at the Museum, please contact Driehaus Member and Volunteer Manager Richard Leas at RLeas@driehausmuseum.org.


June 15 - Summer Solstice Celebration & Fundraiser    
The Summer Solstice Celebration & Fundraiser was a glittering way to celebrate the beginning of summer. 
The new event room at 200 East Delaware was filled with lively conversations and tasty food and drinks.. Elise Dalleska,
founder of Kitchen Music ( www.elisedalleska.com) serenaded us with her violin. Festivities paused only when President
Phyllis Mitzen presented the SVC Good Neighbor award to Jonathan and Sandy Miller. The Millers have dedicated their
time and talents to building choirs for older adults -- the original Sounds Good! Choir and the newer Good Memories Choir for
people with early stage memory loss and their care partners to sing and perform together. The Millers led us in a rousing
sing along of "Oh What A Beautiful Morning".  

Want to see more photos from this event? Click here to view on our website.

Sandy and Jonathan Miller, Pam Woodward

Elise Dalleska
Bill Clancy, Ock-Ju Noh
Larry Lewis, Valerie Lober

June 28 Friday Forum
The Institute for Nonviolence Chicago

The Institute for Nonviolence Chicago talked to Skyline's Friday Forum  about the work they do in Chicago's westside neighborhoods of Austin and West Garfield. Director Tara Dabney described the area as an occupied territory with police on every corner. The Institute works with former gang members to help them establish nonviolent ways of living. Ex-gang member Kejuan Scott, told us he responded to the Institute's outreach because he wanted to change. The Institute helped him learn job skills, parenting skills and how to de-escalate his emotions. He is supporting his family and working with the Institute to mentor others.

Learn more about the Institute for Non-Violence Chicago:  www.nonviolencechicago.org

If you want to help plan events or have an idea for programs, please contact info@skylinevillagechicago.org, or better yet -- join the Events Committee, which meets the first Monday of every month. 
Did you enjoy one of SVC's events and want to tell us about it? Do you have some pictures to share? We'd love to have your reviews and your photos for the newsletter and website. Email to editor@skylinevillagechicago.org    Be sure to include the event you attended and the names of the folks in the photos.
Skyliner Expeditions

Barbara traveled in spring. Now that it's finally summer many of you are also enjoying wonderful adventures. Please share your trips with us - words and a snapshot or two - for the next Skyline Village newsletter. Send your article and pictures to judy.karlov@gmail.com. Thanks.
Exploring Art in Northern Spain-not on our own
By Barbara Dillard
The older I get, the more I like trips where you just write a check and show up at the airport. Years ago I used to take pride in independent travel, making all the arrangements myself or just going and then seeing where my wanderlust would take me. 
Now I appreciate someone else booking the hotels, making up an itinerary, highlighting the sites, and picking restaurants---if they build in some time for me to go exploring on my own. I have taken six trips with Overseas Adventure Travel and will travel with them again, but I was increasingly hearing about Road Scholar and was open to giving them a shot. So in March I went off to Northern Spain with my travel buddy.

The tour we selected is called Spanish Art from the Golden Age to Gaudi and Beyond. I'm happy to report it was a great experience and I will be traveling with them again. Road Scholar is the "rebranding" of the Elder Hostel's travel program. Evidently people didn't like being called "Elder," so they came up with a new name. (Martha and Phyllis, you have to educate them.)
We started in Madrid and ended in Barcelona and stopped along the way to view amazing art in Toledo, Cuenca, Burgos, Figueres, Pubol and Bilbao during the 14-day trip.  At each stop we were joined by Road Scholar's "local experts" who guided us through museums and art galleries and shared their extensive knowledge. We also had another Spanish guide who shepherded us in and out of hotels and restaurants and gave tips for things to explore during our free time.  Although every stop had its charm, my favorites were Bilbao and Barcelona for the art, and Cuenca for the experience of spending the night in a family-owned bed and breakfast on the side of a cliff. There was great food and wine but I would expect no less in Spain.
We traveled with 12 other people: men, women, couples and singles. All were very active and interesting and about my age. Both companies limit their tours to around 20 people, which makes it easier getting around and becoming friends with fellow travelers.
If you would like more information on this particular trip or on Road Scholar in general, you can find it on their website   www.roadscholar.org.  The site for Overseas Adventure Travel is Oattravel.com . It would be great if other Skyline Village travelers would share their tour company experiences in the newsletter for those of us who don't want to stop hitting the road but would like to hand off some of the work involved in getting there.


B&B on the cliff in Cuenca 

Rooftop of Gaudi-designed apartment building in Barcelona


France Is Hot!
By Lenore Holt-Darcy
Europe is having a heat wave. I am in the South of France where it normally gets quite hot, but not this early. One day it is 95 and the next it's 98 and it doesn't seem to make much difference. Kind of like why bother to even look at the weather. This is a street shot of everyone standing in line for ice cream in the old town.

Darcy - France_ice cream


Did you take a trip this spring/summer?  Tell us about it!  
Where did you go? Did you have a favorite place? Favorite experience? Favorite piece of art? Memorable meal?  Did something surprise you? Best experience?  Or even the worst - because sometimes those make the best stories, don't they?

We are eager to share your adventure and photos!

Send them to Judy Karlov, judy.karlov@gmail.comby mid-August for our August/September newsletter.
  Skyline Village Chicago 
Our Favorite Things

Two Faves:
Super Moisturizing Cream and WoundSeal Powder
by Colby Krouse

Both of these were inspired by my parents. My father would get terrible gashes that bled like mad. For whatever reason he did not like using lotion. Maybe it smelled too flowery or something. He reacted much better to this cream and the notion that it is medicine. Our skin is our largest organ and we have to protect it. He never thought of it that way and was better about using creams after that.

Super Moisturizing Cream: Ingredients: 
  • Pure shea butter,  which is waxy and very protective.  It's in lots of moisturizers but this recipe has more than any commercial moisturizer. By itself it's great for hands or cracked heels - just a pea-sized amount. On the body it's too waxy to spread well. 
  • Pure coconut oil
  • Alcohol 
  • Tea Tree Oil ( If your tea tree oil has alcohol in it then just use that) Natural astringent and smells nice and clean.
  • Combine shea butter and coconut oil in your mixer - about 70/30. Combine and whip until it looks so much like icing it's tempting to taste it. Don't.
  • Add a wee spash of rubbing alcohol or even vodka. Sounds counter intuitive since alcohol is drying but it helps the skin absorb. 
  • When I make lotion I make about half the container of shea at a time and use about 2 capfulls/1 teaspoon of alcohol. 
  • Last I add about 10-15 drops of tea tree oil. My father had a tendency toward cellulitis. Tea tree is a natural antibacterial, so it helped with that and smells nice and clean. 

If you like you can add another essential oil for smell - like peppermint or whatever you like. 

Extra tip:  Since it has no chemicals or preservatives, I keep the bigger tub in the refrigerator  and replenish a smaller container in the bathroom every few days.  If you have trouble finding pure shea, My source is my friends Mohammed and his mother Maria at their store Momadou at the Thompson Center. Pure shea and very reasonably priced. 

Wound Seal Powder
If one is on blood thinners or takes a lot of NSAIDS for pain, a relatively small wound can turn into a big mess and even be quite serious. WoundSeal Powder is sold in single use vials and works great. Keep it where you can get to it quickly in case of an accident. Not a bad idea to keep one in your bag or in your car either. My dad once scraped the corner of the door against his leg. He ended up with blood-soaked khakis from the knee down, a shoe full of blood and the car looked like a prop from a Stephen King movie, plus a trip to the nearest ER. So much for that road trip!

Note: Wound Seal is great stuff but does not take the place of medical care for serious injury. 


Do you have a Favorite Thing you'd like to share with your fellow Skyliners?  Send it to us at editor@skylinevillagechicago.org.
Please Note: The favorite things are the personal favorite things of the contributors.  They are not endorsed or recommended by Skyline Village Chicago in any way.   
Skyline Thoughts
From Our 
Drawings from Anna Rappaport

View from Ghiradelli's in the Wrigley Building overlooking the River                                         Anna Rappaport

Millennium Park rehearsal 

I Went To an All-Abilities Poetry Workshop, and Here's What Happened | Easterseals Blog
Beth Finke/Regan Burke

Do you have something you'd like to share with your Skyline Village friends in the next newsletter? A news story, a poem, blog, piece of art, photo, a Favorite thing, a quote?  We'd love to include you in upcoming newsletter and the website.


Skyline Village Chicago
Neighborhood News
Neighborhood News

Blood Shortage
There is a shortage of Blood Platelets in the Chicago Area which is exacerbated by the shortage of donors during Holidays.

Platelets are particularly important as they are critical for newborns and cancer patients. Giving Platelets takes a little longer but you should not have any problems because the process extracts your platelets without actually depleting your blood.

Unfortunately you can't just walk into the hospital and donate so please visit the two websites below to learn locations, restrictions and times to donate.

Cell Phone Robberies
There have been a rash of robberies targeting cell phones in the neighborhood and Mag Mile. It's easy to rob someone who is talking on a phone as they are not paying attention to surroundings and can't hear someone coming up on them. If you need to answer your phone, please step aside against a building and watch your surroundings. 

Community Safety - CAPS and Beat Meetings

You can take an active role in helping the Chicago Police Department prevent crime in your neighborhood by attending your police district's Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) meetings. If you need assistance from the Police Department, Fire Department, or an ambulance please call 911 immediately. 
The 18th District  serves residents east of the River and south of Fullerton Lincoln Park, Old Town, River North, Gold Coast and Streeterville.

Beats 1834 and 1833 meetings are held on the first Thursday of every odd-numbered month. Beat 1834, serving Streeterville south of Superior, and Beat 1833, serving Streeterville north of Superior, meet at 6:00 pm on the first Thursday of every odd-numbered month at Access Living, 115 W. Chicago.

Contact info: 312-742-5870 or email at 
Beats in our area are 1831, 1832, 1833 and 1834
To confirm/identify your District and Beat, use this map.

For a full list of 18th District Events, click here.
WBEZ's Curious City

WBEZ's Curious City series is an ongoing news experiment at  
WBEZ online at www.wbez.org and on the radio dial around Chicago at 91.5 FM. Its mission is to include the  public in editorial decision-making, make journalism more transparent and strengthen  multimedia coverage about Chicago, the surrounding region and its people (past or present).

"The Scoop on Poop on Chicago's Beaches" is the most recent in the series, airing June 29th and features SVC's own Regan Burke and her pup, Usher.

Click here to listen to The Scoop on Poop 

Airs on Thursdays on  All Things Considered on WBEZ
Find  Curious City via  RSS |  Apple Podcasts |  Facebook |  Twitter |  Vimeo

Skyline Village Chicago
News We Can Use

For Those with Hearing Impairments, Restaurant Noise Isn't Just an Irritation. It's Discrimination. 
Submitted by Michael Darcy
 Do you have a favorite hearing friendly restaurant in the neighborhood? We're compiling a list for our next newsletter. Send to regan.burke@gmail.com or editor@skylinevillagechicago.org

Why You Need a Network of Low Stakes Casual Friendships
Submitted by Karen Kolb Flude

Lessons on Living From My 106 year-old Aunt Doris

Are We Overmedicating the Elderly?

How to Effectively Communicate with your Doctor


Be Part of the AntiAgeism Movement! Go OldSchool!
Old School is a rapidly growing, comprehensive online resource of resources to educate everyone about age
discrimination. Author Ashton Applewhite, launched the site while writing This Chair Rocks along with millennials
Ryan Backer and Kyrie Carpenter, who happily describe themselves as "olders in training."

Old School's goal is to aims to "make ageism as unacceptable as any other prejudice". Besides providing resources,
the site urges participation "If you have an ageism-related resource to contribute to Old School - not about positive
aging or productive aging or healthy aging or conscious aging or creative aging, but explicitly focused on ageism" 
they want to hear from you.

If you find something you think would be beneficial or interesting to fellow Skyliners, please email
it with News We Can Use in the subject line.

Scammers are Everywhere and They're Targeting Seniors - Part 2
By Colby Krouse

My cell phone rang and a robovoice said it was Verizon, which is my carrier. The voice said my account had been
suspended. Press 1 to pay my bill. Press 2 to speak to a rep.  My bill was paid as my account is on auto pay so I
pressed 2.  The robovoice asked for my account and passcode. I was already skeptical because the caller ID did
not say Verizon, though it did say it was from an 800 number so I hung up and called Verizon directly. There was no
problem with my account, so it was indeed a phishing scam. I don't know how they knew I was on Verizon or if that
was just a lucky guess. Verizon added a filter to my service that they said would help block robocalls. 

Another call to a friend said her electricity would be shut off in 30-45 minutes.  She was to talk to the billing department
to find out what was wrong with her account. The caller had her name and address. They wanted me to talk to the billing
department to find out what was wrong wi th my account. They had my address and name. The call came from
800.993.6381. My friend told the caller she worked for ComEd (she doesn't) and asked to speak with his supervisor. The
caller hung up. My friend called the number and it was spoofed.

The moral of the story:  
If you get a call saying there is a problem with any account, hang up and call the
account holder yourself. 

One in ten seniors is a victim of elder abuse, including financial abuse. About half of those cases go unreported. 
The FBI reported that people over 60 were scammed out of $342.5M in 2017 via fraud and internet scams. Seniors 
are often concerned about scammers but discount the notion that they could be scammed. Trust your instincts. Being extra cautious on the phone or online isn't paranoid. It's wise. 

Info and Resources

Seven Ways Scammers Get Your Information

10 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Seniors

From Attorney General Kwame Raoul

Senate Special Committee on Aging and the Fraud Hotline

AARP Fraudwatch 

Have you been getting scam calls?  Would you like to warn your fellow Skyliners? 
Send them to editor@skylinevillagechicago.org  with Creepy Scammers in the subject line

SVC Community Partner Announcements
(listed alphabetically)
Active Transportation Alliance

July 24
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Active Transportation Alliance 
35 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 1782

Join us on Wednesday, July 24th for our upcoming  Active Transportation Ambassador training. This will be our final training of three offered in 2019 and would love to have you in our next cohort!  Click here for more about the opportunity

Chicago Park District

Lake Shore Park 
808 N. Lake Shore Drive

Seneca Park/Eli M. Schulman Playground 
220 E. Chicago Avenue

Advisory Council Meetings
Normally Meets Second Monday of the Month
July 8,  August 12

Summer fitness classes are currently in session through mid-August.   

Click here for schedule and registration

For further information call Lake Shore Park at 312-742-7891.


Washington Square Park 
901 N. Clark Street

Advisory Council
Meets Second Wednesday of the Month
July 10 and  August 14
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Newberry Library, Room B-91
60 W. Walton, Elm Street entrance

Chicago Park District

Millennium Park  
201 E. Randolph Street

Summer Workouts on the Great Lawn
Through August 31
Saturdays, 7:00am - 11:00am, Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30am - 8:15am

Kickstart your weekend with a FREE morning workout on Millennium Park's Great Lawn. Each workout is 45 minutes, with classes beginning on the hour, every hour. Classes include Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and more

Click here for the full schedule


Taste of Chicago
Grant Park/Millennium Park
July 10-14

Celebrating the great influence of the music genre born in this city more than 80 years ago, the Chicago Gospel Music Festival will present the top gospel artists in the country. Over the years, the festival has featured traditional choirs to contemporary urban gospel mixed with hip-hop and house music.


41st Chicago Jazz Festival
August 23-September 1

The Chicago Jazz Festival showcases the greatest jazz artists from Chicago and around the world across the city during new, extended festival dates. The Chicago Jazz Festival is produced by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and programmed by the Jazz Institute of Chicago.

Millennium Park Summer Film Series
Tuesdays, 6:30pm
June 4 - August 20
Pritzker Pavilion

The Millennium Park Summer Film Series will offer a lineup of popular classic and recent movie selections on Tuesdays, through August 20, at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park.  To celebrate 2019 as the  Year of Chicago Theatre , this year's series will co-present each film with a select Chicago theatre company, providing a season-long sampling of themes, ethnicities and genres to reflect the city's rich passion for cinema in all its variety.

DCASE has partnered with 13 local theatre companies to co-produce this summer's film series. Companies include About Face Theatre, Aguijón Theater, Black Ensemble Theater, Chicago Children's Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Court Theatre, eta Creative Arts Foundation, Free Street Theater, Goodman Theatre, Lookingglass Theatre Company, Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Teatro Vista and Victory Gardens Theater.
Film lovers can take a seat at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion or spread out a blanket on the Great Lawn to watch their favorite movies on a state-of-the-art, 40-foot LED screen.

July 9        10 Things I Hate About You
July 16      Double Feature: Moonlight, Pan's Labyrinth
July 23       The Music Man
July 30       Fences
August 5    10:30am Inside Out
August 6    The Muppet Movie
August 13  Crouching Tiger ,Hidden Dragon
August 20    My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Millennium Park Summer Music Series
Mondays, Thursdays
Through August 15
Pritzker Pavillion

July 8          Brent Cobb, Lydia Loveless   
July 18        Orchestral Interpretations of J. Dilla, Directed by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
July 25        Los Amigos Invisibles, City of the Sun
July 29        Rev Sekov, Cha Wa
August 5     Love Love Love  Chicago Celebrates the Music of Donny Hathaway
August 15  Jupiter and Okwas, Noura Mint Seymak

The 2019 Millennium Park Summer Music Series will offer an exciting lineup of FREE outdoor concerts on 11 dates between June 13 and August 15 (specific dates noted below) at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park. The music series will feature a wide variety of genre-defying music from top local, national and international artists-both established and emerging.


Grant Park Music Festival
Through August 17
Wednesdays & Fridays, 6:30pm
Saturdays 7:30pm
Pritzker Pavilion

Join us for our Season of Anniversaries, including Carlos Kalmar's 20th year leading the Festival, Millennium Park's 15th anniversary, and our own 85th season. For more information, visit www.gpmf.org  .

Open Rehearsals and Docent-Led Talks
Audiences can watch as the  Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus rehearse upcoming performances during the day, most Tuesdays-Fridays, June-August.
During breaks in rehearsals, Festival docents lead informal talks about the music, composers, and the history of classical music in the front of the Seating Bowl. Visit the  Events Calendar  on the Grant Park Music Festival website for specific rehearsal dates and times.
Pre-Concert Lectures
A free pre-concert lecture series that takes an in-depth look at the Festival's programs and performers.
All lectures begin one hour prior to each concert in the Chase Promenade North Tent, located on the west end of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Hosts include WFMT's Relevant Tones host Seth Boustead, Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Sounds and Stories contributor Laura Sauer and WFMT host Dennis Moore.

Click here for the concert schedule and guest artists

Millennium Park Summer Theatre Residencies

All the world's a stage - especially at Millennium Park this summer. The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) will present nine new Millennium Park Summer Theatre Residencies as part of the 2019 Year of Chicago Theatre. The free series will feature nine local theatre companies performing throughout Millennium Park on select dates from July to October. The participating companies include: Aguijón Theater Company, Barrel of Monkeys, CircEsteem, Chicago Dance Crash, Chicago Full Moon Jam Productions, Collaboraction Theatre Company, Emerald City Theatre, eta Creative Arts Foundation and Free Street Theater.  The companies have been commissioned for one-week residencies and will present site-specific theatre performances that engage the Park's unique architecture, design and public art - with Wrigley Square, the Great Lawn and Cloud Gate Plaza serving as the stage.

July 18-20, Great Lawn
The Adventures of Peter Rabbit by Emerald City Theatre
Adapted by Emerald City artists from Beatrix Potter's classic tale, this interactive theater experience introduces young audience members to Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck and connects these beloved characters to the backdrop of Millennium Park. Emerald City Theatre celebrates all of Chicago's children through playful, professional and culturally-relevant artistic programs that motivate young people to creatively face the world. Recommended for families with children ages 5 and under.
  • Thursday July 18, 9:30am at Wrigley Square
  • Thursday July 18, 11:15am at the Family Fun Tent
  • Friday July 19, 9:30am at Wrigley Square
  • Friday July 19, 11:15am at the Family Fun Tent
  • Saturday July 20, 10am at Wrigley Square
July 26-27, Location TBD
Belly of the Whale by Chicago Dance Crash
An excerpt from Dance Crash's upcoming production Lil Pine Nut, this hip-hop dance scene sees Pinocchio saving his father, Geppetto, after being swallowed by a giant whale. Chicago Dance Crash is an award-winning hip-hop/contemporary dance company known for retelling familiar stories in new and exciting ways. Recommended for families.

July 26-28, Cloud Gate Plaza
CircEsteem's advanced performance youth troupe will bring the amazement and spectacle of the circus with juggling, acrobatics, clown performance and aerial arts on an 18-foot high aerial rig. The show includes collaborations with Chicago's various circus schools (Aloft Aerial Circus Arts, MSA Circus Arts and Chicago Wheel JAM) as well as performances by some of Chicago's most talented professional performers from Ringling Brothers B&B Circus, Midnight Circus and more. CircEsteem unites youth from diverse backgrounds and helps them build self esteem and mutual respect through the practice and performance of circus arts. Recommended for families.

August 5-10, South Boeing Gallery & Cloud Gate Plaza
Barrel of Monkeys
Follow the creation of this production from start to finish. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Millennium Park, writers of all ages are invited to work with Barrel of Monkey teachers in a series of one-hour writing workshops. The actors will then bring these stories to life through hilarious sketches, songs and dance presented in an open dress rehearsal and final public performance. Barrel of Monkeys is an ensemble of actor/educators who create an alternative learning environment in which children share their personal voices and celebrate the power of their imaginations. Recommended for families with children ages 7 to 17.

August 13, 14 & 17, Wrigley Square
La gran tirana: Descarga teatral (The Great Tyrant: A Theatrical Descarga) by Aguijón Theater Company
Inspired by the artistry and fascinating life story of Lupe Victoria Yolí Raymond, better known as La Lupe, the undisputed Queen of Latin Soul, this performance piece is an exploration of the artist in exile and how music connects her to her homeland. Aguijón Theater, Chicago's longest-running Latino theater company, is dedicated to creating exciting and meaningful theatrical experiences through the cultural exploration, discussion and performance of Spanish-language and bilingual works.

Chicago Jazz Philharmonic
Chicago Immigrant Stories II: Finale
July 22, 2019, Pritzker Pavillon, Millennium Park
The collaborations and performances are led by Orbert Davis working with select musicians across the city - Greek saxophonist and composer Athanasios Zervas; Greek bassist Petros Dragoumis; members of Grammy-nominated folk ensemble Sones de México, Juan Díes and Victor Pichardo; and featuring immigrant orchestra members of Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, Argentinian pianist Leandro Lopez Varady, and Bulgarian violinist Zara Zaharieva.

The series kicked off with Athanasios Zervas on January 24th at the National Hellenic Museum in Greektown (West Loop). It continued on February 21st at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen. The project will culminate on July 22, 2019 with a full orchestral arrangement of these Innovation Lab ideas, featuring all the collaborating performers with CJP's 60-member orchestra, conducted by Orbert Davis.

Broadway in Chicago Summer Concert
Monday, August 12, Pritzker Pavillon, Millennium Park

The Broadway In Chicago Summer Concert at Millennium Park is presented with the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. Host: Janet Davies

SummerDance Chicago
Saturday, August 24
1:00pm - 8:00pm

A full day of participatory and professional dancing throughout Millennium Park on the Great Lawn, Cloud Gate , Wrigley Square and the Jay Pritzker Pavilion.

Driehaus Museum

Treasures from the White City: The Chicago World's Fair of 1893
September 8, 2018 - August 11, 2019

Eternal Light: The Sacred Stained-Glass Windows of Louis Comfort Tiffany
September 7, 2019 - March 8, 2020


McCormickville Walking Tour
Saturdays, July 6 - August 31
1:00pm -  2:30pm

Family Book Club: Oscar Wilde's Fairytales
Saturday, July 13,
10:30am- 12:00pm

Oscar Wilde Salon Series: The Picture of Dorian Gray Screening
Thursday, July 18
6:00pm - 9:00pm 

Saints & Sinners Walking Tour: Chicago's Legacy of Virtue and Vice
Fridays, July 12 - October 4
1:00pm - 4:00pm

In Conversation: Darrell McKinney and Luis Rodríguez Rosario
Thursday, July 25
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Young Chicago Authors: Bomb Squad - A Tale of Today Spoken Word
Friday, August 2
6:00pm - 8:00pm  

For more information on upcoming programs , exhibits or tours, go to www.driehausmuseum.org

Ignatian Volunteer Corps

Every month
Register:    Call 888.600.2560
or email   teltopics@matherlifeways.com

Presented by: Mather Lifeways

With Telephone Topics, you simply call a toll-free number to listen to a wide range of interesting discussions and programs. Dial into...
  • Wellness programs
  • Participate in live, guided chair yoga or meditation sessions to stretch your body or mind.
  • Education programs
  • Learn about history, healthy habits, architecture, and more-it's easy to learn something new!
  • Discussion topics
  • Share a piece of your mind when you join a lively discussion on sports, movies, and other topics.
  • Music reviews
  • Listen and learn about opera, early rock 'n' roll, and other musical genres that get your toes tapping.
  • Live performances
  • Enjoy a live vocal performance or master storytelling session in the comfort of your own chair-with no cover charge!

    To register online or download the current schedule of Telephone Topics, go to http://matherlifewaysinyourneighborhood.com/telephone-topics/

All calls are free.

Northwestern Medicine 

Summer Fitness Sessions begin the week of July 8 until mid-August at Northwestern.  Please check the schedule for the wellness classes.  Participants who register late will be prorated for missed classes for fitness classes. The next 6-week session will be gin the mid-August
In Streeterville, we have a full line of fitness classes appropriate for Mature Adults including:
Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Osteoporosis, Zumba Gold {R}, Pilates, Line Dancing, Low-Impact Aerobics, Nia, Tai Chi, and Strength and Balance.  Our classes are small and our instructors are well trained.  We are able to offer individual modifications for a variety of physical and medical conditions as needed.
We also offer Wellness Classes on a rotating basis, including Fasting Diets, What's It All about; Detox, Cleansing and Rejuvenation; Food as Medicine; Going Gluten Free; Guided Mindful Meditation; and Meditation: Through Mindful Movement.
To register by phone, please call 312.926.8400.   
Call and ask about registering for a free trial fitness class today.

Restored to Sanity Singers
Beatles Sing Along
Sunday, July 21
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Connors Park ( Argo Tea)
Chestnut & Rush

RUSH University College of Nursing
Study of Caregivers of Alzheimers/Dementia Patients

Dr. Olimpia Paun at Rush University College of Nursing is Recruiting for a Study regarding Caregivers for Alzheimer's Disease or Related Dementia. 

People who develop dementia eventually require more care than can be provided at home. The caregiver who places a family member in a long-term care facility often suffers long-term mental and physical health effects. Even after the family member is in a long-term care facility that caregiver may become more anxious and depressed.
The Chronic Grief Management Intervention-An Online Video Group (CGMI-V) study, will test an intervention designed to help caregivers within the first year of having placed a family member in a long-term care facility. 

If you are interested contact Ilse Salinas at  Ilse_Salinas@rush.edu or call 312.942.7888 to request details on how much time may be required and the monetary compensation.  

Dr. Olimpia Paun has PhD in Nursing and does research focusing on interventions for family caregivers who placed relatives diagnosed with dementia in long-term care facilities. Currently she has an approved online study that I think would greatly benefit all dementia caregivers who have recently gone through the process of placing a family member in long-term care. What is great about this study is that unlike most dementia/Alzheimer research that focuses on the patients themselves, this study focuses on the Caregivers and what they are going through and it can be done from anywhere in the country.

Sounds Good! Choir
Good Memories Choir

Gold Coast Chorale And Good Memories Choir
Summer Rocks Concert
Saturday, August 10
Fourth Presbyterian Church, Buchanan Chapel
126 E. Chestnut

Summer Rocks is in full swing with both the Gold Coast Chorale and Good Memories Choirs.  

The Gold Coast Chorale is rehearsing Mondays at The Clare from 12:00pm - 1:30pm. Summer Rocks will hold its combined choir performance August 10 at 5:00pm in Buchanan Chapel at Fourth Presbyterial Church. The program consists of classic hits from the '50s and '60s, including: "Blackbird" by the Beatles; "Mack the Knife" by Kurt Weill; "Jersey Boys Medley" by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio; "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay" by Steve Cropper and Odis Redding; "Blame It On The Bossa Nova" by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil; "Love Me Tender" by Elvis Presley; and "Route 66" by Bobby Troup.

For more information or to register   www.soundsgoodchoir.org

For more information on the Good Memories Choir  go to www.soundsgoodchoir.org/goodmemories 

Streeterville Neighborhood Advocates

Streeterville Walks
Monday, July 8
Meet at 675 Fairbanks

Weather forecast looks great so  please join us Monday at 7:00pm. at   675 N. Fairbanks . We will gather along the fence between Erie and Huron. Although I have a planned route, we'll go where there is the most interest.

Streeterville Neighborhood Walk is a low impact, one hour walk and a great opportunity to meet new neighbors and visit with old friends.  For seven years, we have had fun exploring the neighborhood together, learning about history, art and current developments. We'll also talk about how you can get involved to enhance the quality of life in this great community.  

Streeterville Neighborhood Advocates is a grass roots community organization so walks are free and no membership fee is required.

Introducing Streeterville's Newest Public Art Installation. 
By Craig Kaiser

"Blue Herons" was formally dedicated to Streeterville on Tuesday, June 18 by Alderman Hopkins, who helped navigate the the difficult bureaucratic path from the Ritz Carlton Hotel to the new garden on the west side of the historic firehouse 98 on Chicago Avenue.

If you have lived in the area for any length of time you may recall this bronze being located in the lobby fountain of the Ritz Carleton Hotel, across the street on Pearson where it resided for decades. Ritz GM, Peter Simoncelli had lucrative offers for the work but generously decided to gift it to the community of Streeterville. If you visit the hotel restaurant, be sure to thank him.

"Herons" is the work of the late Eleonora Joyce Palagi. Eleonora was a freelance artist, sculpture and designer with major works throughout the US and Europe. We are researching more about her and her work. If you would like to contribute to this or other art research projects let us know at sna60611@gmail.com

For more information on upcoming walks and how we are working to bring more Public Art to Streeterville, write us, Streeterville Public Art Project at  sna60611@gmail.com   and visit our website at  www.streeterville.org 


Farmer's Markets
July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
August 6/13/20/27
7:00am - 2:00pm
MCA Plaza, 220 E. Chicago Avenue

The SOAR Farmers Market nourishes the community with a colorful variety of farm-fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, bakery goods and prepared foods. See SOAR website for schedule of chef demos

Speaker Series: Wisdom & Well Being
Mind Games: Keep Your Mind Fit to Boost Brain Health
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Registration 5:30pm Program 6pm
Water Tower Place. 835 N. Michigan Avenue
3rd Floor in the shopping mall; right across from the elevators.

Just like the body, the brain shows signs of aging over time. Whether you are caring for a relative, aging parent or even just curious about your own brain health this fun and interactive session provides proactive ways to enhance your memory. It includes scientifically-studied lifestyle behaviors as well as activities that are proven to boost mental acuity as well as delay the onset and progression of cognitive decline. Light apps will be provided. Special thanks to  Water Tower Place  for hosting this event.

Presented by: Alita Arnold, RN, MS, MA, DCP,  Home Care Assistance

Village News

4th Annual Villages Together Potluck Picnic  & Carillon Recital
The Bells of Summer
Sunday, July 28
Potluck Picnic  3:30pm  
Concert 5:00pm

Rockefeller Memorial Chapel
South East Lawn
5850 South Woodlawn Avenue

The Hyde Park Village invites fellow villagers from all of Chicago's villages to be their guests for the 4th Annual Villages Together Potluck Picnic and Carillon Recital.  

We will gather on the south east lawn of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel at 3:30pm.  The Summer of Bells Carillon Recital will begin at 5:00pm with featured artist Leslie Chan of UC Berkeley. 

Registration is not required.  This is a casual gathering for village members and non-members so feel free to bring a guest.

Street parking
In case of inclement weather the chapel will be open for the recital.

For more information on carillon, click here

  • Appetizer, salad or dessert to share, with serving utensils
  • Beverage ( alcohol is permitted on the lawn
  • Chair or blanket
  • Appetite
  • Friends
  • Bottled water
  • Lemonade
  • paper plates, cups, plastic utensils, napkins
  • Trash bags

The Bells of Summer are summer itself:
all urgent tasks aside;
moments stayed by sounds sustained
and sent back;
air cleansed of noise by gentle motions
in cups of bronze,
the lightness of being conveyed
in rhythms of measured stress, without strain;
the wily musician of struck bells,
master and foreman of their perfection,
modestly out of sight through forty-one summers,
comes into sight, and to our right praise.

- Bernard O. Brown, Fourth Dean of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel


National Village Conference
Connecting Generations
September 18-20

Sheraton Grand Chicago
301 East North Water Street


Chicago Area Villages
Dutch Treat Lunch
September 20
12:30pm - 2:00pm

Chicago Hamburger
Sheraton Grand Chicago
301 East North Water Street - Riverwalk Level

The agenda will be a recap from participants of the National Village to Village convention as it winds down its three-day conference. If you're curious about the village movement but don't necessarily want to attend the convention, please join us for this informal autumn gathering overlooking the Chicago River. 

Contact Regan Burke at  regan.burke@gmail.com  for more information.

Contact Skyline Village Chicago

Phyllis Mitzen, President

Nancie Thompson, Administrative Manager

Colby Krouse, Newsletter Editor


Skyline Village Chicago
SVC Events and Partner Events
Skyline Village Chicago 
Memoir Writing Class
Thursdays,July 18 - August 22
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Wintrust Bank
100 W. North Avenue
Community Room

We're proud to announce an upcoming Memoir Writing class, free of charge to Skyline members. The class, led by Sharon Kramer, a Beth Finke Master Teacher ™, will be held   from 2:00 to 3:30 pm on Thursdays for six weeks, July 18 - August 22. This is the best deal of the summer! For a $75 per year Skyline membership, you can finally start to write those stories down. Spaces are limited so sign up soon!

If you are already a member, click on the link below.

If you are not yet a member of Skyline Village Chicago, go to the home page at www.skylinevillagechicago.org  and click Join to sign up. Then you can register for the event

Skyline Village Chicago 
Chicago Area Villages Network Post-Conference Lunch

September 20
12:30pm - 2:00pm  
Chicago Hamburger
Sheraton Grand Hotel
301 E North Water Street, Riverwalk Level

The agenda will be a recap from participants of the National Village to Village convention as it winds down its three-day conference. If you're curious about the village movement but don't necessarily want to attend the convention, please join us for this informal autumn gathering overlooking the Chicago River. 

Contact Regan Burke at  regan.burke@gmail.com for more information.

SVC Friday Forum 
Normally meets last Friday of the month. Some adjustments made for holidays and scheduling

July 26 
Chicago's Indigenous People, Dr. John Low.

The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians has been a part of Chicago since its founding. Throughout the city's history, the Pokagon Potawatomi Indians have openly and aggressively expressed their r efusal to be marginalized or forgotten-and in doing so, they have contributed to the fabric and history of the city.

Join us to hear Dr. John Low examine the ways some Pokagon Potawatomi tribal members have maintained a distinct Native identity, and ways in which experiences in Chicago have influenced the Pokagon Potawatomi.

If you'd like to read Dr. Low's book, Imprints, before the Friday Forum, you can order here:

August 22   
The Way of Coyote
Shared Journeys in the Urban Wilds 

Gavin Van Horn reveals the stupendous diversity
of species that can flourish in urban landscapes
like Chicago. That isn't to say city living is without its challenges. Chicago has been altered
dramatically over a relatively short timespan-its
soils covered by concrete, its wetlands drained
and refilled, its river diverted and made to flow in
the opposite direction. The stories in The Way of
 occasionally lament lost abundance, but
they also point toward incredible adaptability and
such as that displayed by beavers plying the waters of human-constructed canals or peregrine falcons raising their young atop towering skyscrapers.

Gavin Van Horn is Director of Cultures of Conservation at the Center for Humans and Nature where he develops and directs interdisciplinary projects relevant to the
resilience and restoration of human and natural
communities in the Chicagoland region.

If you'd like to read Gavin Van Horn's book, The Way of the Coyote before the Friday Forum, you
can order here:

September 27
Dwayne Dobscheutz
Geriatric Nurse Practitioner

October 25
David Greissing
President & CEO, Better Government Assoc.

Lunch is Dutch Treat, plus $5 to cover the cost of our private room.
Skyline Village Chicago
Social Groups
Skyline Village  Women's Salon
Normally meets 2nd Tuesday of the month 

Join fellow members for a lively discussion about what it means and how it feels to be an Aging Woman -- our hair, our outspokenness, our invisibility, our wisdom, our ...

Tuesday July 9 
3:30pm - 5:00pm
Location:  1310 N. Ritchie Court #4B
Host: D Clancy

Tuesday August 13
3:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: TBD
Host: TBD 
Click links above or register by email at RSVP@skylinevillage.org with Women's Salon in the subject line.
SVC members and their guests only   

SVC's Sticks & Strings

Sticks & Strings currently has no events scheduled. If you would like to join or host a gathering, please contact Mary Schulatz at   schulatz@aol.com or  773.935.9204.  

Knit Wildlife Rescue Nests 
Help rescued birds and animals by knitting them cuddly nests to help their recovery. Register on the website for information, patterns, guidance, and adorable photos of rescued wildlife loving their knitted nests.

Skyline Diners    

Do you miss Skyline Diners? Would you like Dining Group to start up again and explore restaurants in our neighborhood? 
Contact Charlene Conarty to let her know if you are interested in getting together with old and new friends over a good meal.     

Skyline Bulletin Board

Room mate needed for fabulous trip
I found a fabulous Viking cruise for next year "Bangkok, Bali, and Beyond" the itinerary is fabulous includes Singapore and other interesting countries. I am looking for a room mate for this 2020 trip that departs October of 2020. If anyone is interested we could meet and go over the itinerary. Viking does not offer single supplements so you have to pay for two. That is why I am looking for a room mate.

If interested give me a call Janice Nazar,  312.593.4322 or email  jvache@aol.com

Do you have a need or request to make of your fellow Skyliners?  Do you need help with something and think an SVC member might have the answer?  Or maybe you have a skill or talent you'd like to share with others. Could be computer skills, knitting or crafting, business knowledge....you name it.  Just let us know and we'll connect you .
Send to editor@skylinevillagechicago.org for inclusion in the next newsletter!

Skyline Village Chicago, Inc is not responsible for the information contained in any bulletin announcements nor is SVC, Inc. in any way responsible for the accuracy of such announcements.

What Groups or Bulletin Boards
Would You Like 
to Have? 
Do you miss Skyline Diners and Skyline BG? Maybe you would like to start a Bridge group -- or maybe your bridge game needs a substitute. Looking for fellow aficionados of movies, poetry, board games, walking or other activities? 

Tell us what groups or bulletin boards you would like to see and if you would like to manage one.

Skyline Village Chicago
Join Us!
SVC New & Renewing Members

New Members

Paula Frits
Dorothy Nelson
Margaret Shreve

Renewing Members

Michael Darcy and Lenore Holt-Darcy
Jim and Mary Houston
Judy Karlov
Lucille Krasenow
William and Judith Locke
Janice Nazar
Evelyn Shaevel
Valerie Yaffe

Thank you to all of our new and renewing members. You are the core of our Village.  
If you haven't joined or renewed your membership yet, please do. Skyline Village Chicago needs your support to keep doing what we do. 

Join Skyline Village  Chicago

Annual Dues
$75 Individual
$100 Couple

Send a check to:
Skyline Village Chicago
P.O. Box 81334
Chicago, IL 60681 

Call us:   312.957.6060

Join online

Email us 

Skyline Village Chicago
In Our Neighborhood

401 North Michigan Avenue

Hey Apple Owners
Apple stores have Product Skills events every day to teach you how to do all kinds of things with your Apple devices and software. Take advantage of the free classes and learn what your device can do for you.

Different classes and events daily
Beginner through advanced

Click here for the schedule for the Michigan Avenue store

Art Institute of Chicago   

Block Party
July 21
10:30am - 5:00pm

The Art Institute hosts its second annual Block Party on July 21-join us for a full day of performances, talks, storytelling, and art making in and around the entire museum. We invite you to take a close look at the lives of things and ask how the meaning of an artwork or an object changes over time-as it moves; changes hands, places, or functions; or when it becomes part of a collection. Explore, create, and enjoy at our biggest event of the summer.

Free hours are offered to Illinois residents every Thursday evening from 5:00 to 8:00pm

The Art Institute has a full calendar of lectures, artist talks, gallery talks, art workshops for all ages, performances and guided tours. 

Click here for a full calendar of events at the Art Institute of Chicago

Center for Life & Learning 
Fourth Presbyterian Church
126 E. Chestnut

CLL's new programming year starts September 9, so you'll need to renew your membership for programs after that date.

Fitness Membership

10:30am - 11:15am - Toning Balls
2:30pm - 3:30pm - Yoga
T uesdays
10:30am - 11:15am - Pilates Resistance Band
2:45pm - 3:30pm - Intermediate Tai Chi
10:30am - 11:15am -  Zing! Total Fitness
10:30am - 11:15am - Range of Motion
2:45pm - 3:30pm - Intermediate Tai Chi

Classes are $60

Call 312.878.4570 to register or click here to register online


Summer Film Series
 Wednesdays,  1:45pm - 3:45pm
Free and open to all 60 and older; no RSVP necessary
An optional, facilitated discussion, lasting no more than thirty minutes, will follow each film.

Tuesdays, July 9-August 13 
   11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. * Bring a brown-bag lunch

Free and open to all 60 and older; no RSVP needed

July 9
Learning to Drive (2014)

As her marriage dissolves, a Manhattan writer (Patricia Clarkson) takes driving lessons from a Sikh instructor (Ben Kingsley) with marriage troubles of his own. In each other's company they find the courage to get back on the road and the strength to take the wheel. A New York Times Critics Pick. (1 hour, 30 min)

July 16
On the Basis of Sex (2018)

The true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her struggles for equal rights, and the early cases of a historic career that led to her nomination and confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice. (2 hours)

July 23
At Eternity's Gate (2018)

Starring Willem Dafoe and directed by Julian Schnable, this film looks at the life of painter Vincent van Gogh during his self-imposed exile in Arles and Auvers-sur-Oise, France. A New York Times Critic's Pick that critic Manohla Dargis called "not just an exquisite film but an argument for art." (1 hour, 51 min)

July 30
Widows (2018)

Set in contemporary Chicago, and filmed partially at 860-880 North Lake Shore Drive, four women with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands' criminal activities take fate into their own hands and conspire to forge a future on their own terms. The New York Times said "Widows is a heist movie in a somber mood, a thriller not entirely comfortable with thrills. Though it has plenty of mayhem and a plot that twists, buckles and swerves, this movie....moves at a slow, contemplative pace, driven by grief, dread and desperation rather than the more familiar motives of greed, ambition and rebellion." (2 hours, 9 min)

August 6
The Death of Stalin (2017)

This film is a dark comedy about Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's death and the subsequent scramble for power among his ministers. The New York Times found that "(t)he laughs come in jolts and waves..., delivered in a brilliantly arranged mix of savage one-liners, lacerating dialogue and perfectly timed slapstick that wouldn't be out of place in a Three Stooges bit." (1 hour, 46 min)

August 13
Stan and Ollie (2018)

This film stars Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly as the comedians Laurel and Hardy, who embark on a grueling theatre tour of post-war Britain. The New York Times said "Portraying the final days of the remarkable partnership of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the greatest double act in the history of movies, the tightly focused narrative finds these comedians past their prime, not just in their career but also in their relationship. ... Like a married couple that stopped fighting long ago, their exchanges hint at buried resentments, muffled irritations and an abiding love." (1 hour, 38 min)


For a full list of CLL programming or for more information go to www.fourthchurch.org/cll/programs.html or call 312.981.3386.

Chicago Museum Free Days  

Adler Planetarium
1300 S. Lake Shore Dr. 
General admission is free to Illinois residents on the following dates in 2019:
April 2-4, 9-11, June 3-5, 10-13, September 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 26-27, October 7-9, 14-16, November 8, 11, December 2-3, 7, 12-13

Art Institute Of Chicago
111 S. Michigan Ave. 
Chicago residents under the age of 18 can get into this museum for free any time. Children age 14 years and younger are always free.
Illinois residents of any age can also enjoy free admission year-round on Thursdays from 5-8 p.m.
Chicago Children's Museum
700 E. Grand Ave. - Downtown/Navy Pier
Admission is free for kids 15 and under all day on the first Sunday of every month.

Chicago History Museum
1601 N. Clark St. 
Children under 12 years old and Illinois residents under 18 years old are always free. Illinois residents of all ages are offered free admission every Tuesday excluding January 1, January 8, December 24 and December 31. 
DePaul Art Museum
935 W. Fullerton Ave. 
Admission is always free at the university's on-campus art museum!

DuSable Museum of African American History
740 E. 56th Pl. 
Free admission every Tuesday, all year long. Children under 5 always get in free.

The Field Museum
1400 S. Lake Shore Dr. 
Free days in 2019 are January 21, April 5 -7, May 2 and June 26 -28. The museum is also admission free for the entire month of February. 
International Museum of Surgical Science
1524 N. Lake Shore Dr
Admission is waived on Tuesdays for Illinois residents, with proof of residency. However, donations are still accepted.

Lincoln Park Zoo
2001 N. Clark St.
Offers free admission 365 days a year. 

Loyola University Museum of Art
820 Michigan Ave.
Free to the public every Tuesday. 
Museum of Contemporary Art
220 E. Chicago Ave.
Illinois residents can skip the admission fees every Tuesday, year round.

Museum of Contemporary Photography
600 S. Michigan Ave.
Free daily, but is closed when Columbia College is closed. 

Museum of Science and Industry
5700 S. Lake Shore Dr.
MSI's 2019 free days (for Illinois residents) are as follows:
January 7-10, 14-17, 21-24 and 28-31,  February 4-7, 11-14, 19-21, 25-28
National Museum of Mexican Art
1852 W. 19th St. - Pilsen
Free admission daily, all year long. 
National Veterans Art Museum
4041 N. Milwaukee Ave. - Portage Park
Free daily. 

The Oriental Institute Museum
1155 E. 58th St. - Hyde Park
Admission is free but there is a suggested donation of $10 for adults and $5 for children.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
2430 N. Cannon Dr. 
Thursdays are free for Illinois residents but they are encouraged to make a donation upon entry.
Shedd Aquarium
1200 S. Lake Shore Dr.
Free admission for Illinois residents offered on the following days:
January 17-21, February 1, 4-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-28
Swedish American Museum
5211 N. Clark St. - Andersonville
Free admission offered on the second Tuesday of every month

National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture
3015 W. Division St. - Humboldt Park 
Admission  and  parking are free year-round at this Humboldt Park cultural hub. 
Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington St. - Loop
Admission is always free here. Plus, you can enjoy  free building tours
American Toby Jug Museum 
910 Chicago Ave. - Evanston
Admission is free at this quirky museum! Free lectures from museum founder Steve Mullins and other experts are also offered. Call for more information. 
Clarke House Museum
1827 S. Indiana Ave. - South Loop
Admission is always free at this museum, which gives a glimpse into pre-Civil War life in Chicago. 
Glessner House Museum 
1800 S. Prairie Ave. - South Loop
Admission is free to all on Wednesdays at this architectural and historic local highlight. There is never a charge for children under 5 years old. 

Mary & Leigh Block Museum Of Art
40 Arts Circle Dr. - Evanston
Northwestern University's art museum offers free admission and parking daily. 
Free admission for Illinois residents offered on the following days:
January 17-21, February 1, 4-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-28
Chicago Sinai Congregation  
Sinai Forum Lunch Series
15 W. Delaware Pl.

Normally Last Thursday of the month
11:30am - registration/lunch
12:30pm - 1:30pm - program
Members $15, Non-members $20 for lunch

Thursday, July 25
Alexandra Salomon

What Makes Chicago Such a Curious City?

Click here to register

Thursday, August 22
Speaker TBD

Click here for update

Click here for more information.

Members $15 / Non-members of Sinai $20
 Register at rsvp@chicagosinai.org or 312.867.7000

DCASE Events


Taste of Chicago
July 10-14
Grand Park

Chicago Cultural Center
Performances & Exhibitions  

Chamber Mondays
1st and 4th Mondays,  12:15pm
Chicago Cultural Center Preston Bradley Hall

Dame Myra Hess Concerts
Wednesdays,  12:15pm
Preston Bradley Hall
3rd Floor South

Chicago Public Art Program
City of Chicago Mural Registry
The Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) announced the launch of the City of Chicago Mural Registry, a publicly-accessible database of Chicago's growing collection of murals found at  www.chicago.gov/muralregistry .
Maintained by the Public Art Program of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE), the Registry has been developed as a resource tool that will help communities identify, explore, and preserve murals in our neighborhoods. 
As part of the registry's release, DCASE will work with city agencies, aldermen, community groups, block clubs, chambers of commerce, and residents to populate and promote the registry.

Chicago Riverwalk Summer Programming
Late May - October
Chicago Riverwalk, Lake Shore Drive - Lake Street

From daytime fishing to evening fireworks, the Chicago Riverwalk offers a full slate of free summer fun along the 1.25-mile active waterfront environment and cultural destination in the heart of the city. The Chicago Riverwalk is presented by the City of Chicago with programming produced by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in collaboration with the Chicago Department of Fleet and Facility Management, Choose Chicago, the Chicago Park District and the vendors and boat tour operators along the Chicago Riverwalk.

Through-August 24, 2019 

FREE AdmissionGrant Park, Spirit of the Music Garden and other Chicago Park District locations

Theater on the Lake
Tuesday-Friday at 7pm and Thursday matinees at 2pm (except where noted)
Theater on the Lake, 2401 N. Lake Shore Dr.

Chicago Park District's Theater on the Lake: The Chicago Summer Theater Festival, is celebrating 67 years of Chicago's rich storefront theater and emerging artist community. Featured July highlight: Manual Cinema's The End of TV 
Written by: Ben Kauffman and Kyle Vegter 
Directed by: Julia VanArsdale Miller 
July 16-19, 2019 | 7pm 
Theater on the Lake, 2401 N. Lake Shore Drive

For full schedule go to www.chicagoparkdistrict.com

Under the Picasso
Daley Center
50 W. Washington St. 

FREE Cultural Programs Year-RoundPerformances Begin at 12 Noon
The Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events presents FREE cultural programs
year-round weekdays at Noon at the Daley Civic Center

Click here for schedule

Elder Justice Center 
Free Seminar Series
Alternate Thursdays
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Daley Center, 50 W. Washington
Registration: 312.603.9233

Alternate Thursdays
July 11
Understanding and Preventing Elder Abuse and Neglect 
Topics to Include: 
* How to screen for, respond to and report abuse, neglect and financial exploitation; 
* Mandatory reporting procedures; 
* Role of adult protective services agencies
* Identifying common frauds and scams that involve telemarketing, home repair, debt settlement, mortgage rescue, social security benefits and more. 

Speakers: Louis Hill, M.A. Program Supervisor Metropolitan Family Services Norman "Skip" Gonsoulin, Jr. Community Relations Liaison Office of the Attorney General State of Illinois

July 25
Everything You Want to Know About Guardianship
Topics to Include: 
* Guardians' duties and responsibilities 
* Guardianship process and procedures 
* Guardianship vs. Power of Attorney 

Speakers: Daniel Belko, Esq. Deputy Public Guardian Office of the Cook County Public Guardian Margaret Benson, Esq. Executive Director Chicago Volunteer Legal Services (CVLS)

August 8
Aging at Home: Safety and Support Systems 
Topics to Include: 
* Home fire safety tips 
* Law-enforcement services 
* Tips on how to declutter your home 

Speakers: Police Office Debra Preus Chicago Police Department 8th District - Community Policing Senior Citizen Officer Minnie Tenort Public Safety Officer - Chicago Fire Department Coralyn Hudik Senior Services Officer Ret. - Chicago Police Department

August 22
When a Mental Illness Requires Protective Care 
Topics to Include: 
* Who is subject to involuntary commitment? 
* What is the process? 
* Who pays? 

Speakers: Honorable Nichole C. Patton Circuit Judge, County Division Circuit Court of Cook County Alexa James National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI-Chicago

Click here for the seminar series.
Fourth Presbyterian Church - Music  

Concert Series   
Concerts are free unless otherwise noted

Friday, July 12
Libby York
12:10pm in the Courtyard

Friday, July 19
After School Matters 
12:10pm in the Sanctuary

Friday, July 26
Beckie Menzie and Tom Michael 
12:10pm in the Courtyard

Friday, August 2
Arlene Doyle
12:10pm in the Courtyard

Friday, August 9
The Ugandan Children's Choir 
12:10pm in the Courtyard

Friday, August 16
Andy Brown 
12:10pm in the Courtyard

Friday, August 23
Stu Mindeman 
12:10pm in the Courtyard

Friday, August 30
Elsie Wagner Sherer 
12:10pm in the Courtyard

For a full list of concerts at Fourth Presbyterian,  click here

Lake View Music Society      
Concerts: 2nd Tuesday of the month 
New Music School
900 North Michigan  Ave, 6th floor

May 14
Performer TBD

For more information, go to  https://lakeviewmusicalsociety.com/

First concert is free. After that $40 for the full series is appreciated. 
Lookingglass Theatre    

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Comes to Life May 8 - August 4

Within every man there is a monster; within every monster, a man. But which is which?
An eerie evening of ghost stories crackles to life as Mary Shelley unspools her tale of Victor Frankenstein and his unholy experiment. This gothic tale of love, horror, and the power to create life-and destroy it-awakens in this visceral, original retelling of Frankenstein.

Fresh from the brain of Ensemble Member David Catlin, creator of Moby Dick and Lookingglass Alice, comes a galvanic adaptation of this undying story. See for yourself this latest invention come to shocking life!

Summerglass Uncorked
August 22
6:00pm - 9:00pm
City Winery
1200 West Randolph

You are invited to participate in a new Lookingglass event featuring a unique, custom wine made by City Winery exclusively for Lookingglass, live music from Lookingglass Artistic Associate Kasey Foster's toe-tapping band Old Timey, and delicious food and drink. Mix and mingle with your friends as well as Lookingglass artists while supporting our theatre!


Loyola University Museum of Art   
820 North Michigan Ave

Temporarily Closed. Please check website for reopening.

220 E. Chicago Avenue

MCA is pleased to offer free admission on Tuesdays

Tuesdays on the Terrace
June 4 - September 24
5:30 - 8:00pm

For more information and the full schedule for Tuesdays on the Terrace, visit  https://mcachicago.org/Programs/Music/Tuesdays-On-The-Terrace

Visit  https://mcachicago.org/Calendar for the roster of performers and other MCA events.

Navy Pier 

Water Colors: Jazz Institute of Chicago's NextGenJazz Emerging Artists Project
Lake Stage, Polk Brothers Park

July 12
Jeremiah Powers, Joseph Collier
6:30pm - 8:30pm

July 14
Chicago Latin Jazz Festival
3:00pm - 6:00pm

July 26
Bebop Exchange
6:30pm - 8:30pm

August 2
Back on the Block: Greg Spero, the works of Quincy Jones
6:30pm - 8:30pm

August 9
Ancient to the Future: Celebrating 50 Years of the Art Ensemble of Chicago
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Live on the Lake
Miller Beer Garden
Fridays 2:00pm - 11:30pm
Saturdays 2:00pm - 8:00pm

Free live music in the Miller Lite Beer Garden will feature local favorites, national touring acts and exciting new artists all summer long.

On Saturdays, guests will be treated to an exciting variety of acts performing across all genres of popular music. In the evenings music lovers will have prime viewing of the Aon Summer Fireworks at 10:15pm, followed by another set of live music until 11:30pm.

AON Summer Fireworks
Through- August 31
Wednesdays at 9:30pm  and Saturdays, at 10:15pm

Water Flicks
Mondays, June 24 - August 12
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Lake Stage, Polk Bros Park

Now in its third year, this free outdoor movies series has become a favorite summer activity for Chicago locals and visitors alike. 2019 is Super Hero Summer , featuring 8 marvelous weeks of high-octane fun!

July 8
Infinity Wars

July 15
Wonder Woman

July 22
The Lego Batman Movle

July 29
The Incredibles

August 5
Spiderman: Inter the Spiderverse

August 12

Fresh Fest
July 11-12
Multiple Stages

Join us for Fresh Fest! presented by Allstate Insurance Company, a two-day showcase of Chicago's talented performing artists, presenting a range of musical and dance talent in a variety of styles, including blues, classical, rock, jazz and more.

Click here for a full schedule of Navy Pier events and tickets as needed

Newberry Library  
60 West Walton

The Newberry organizes and hosts programs illuminating topics in the humanities, through a variety of formats tailored to the subject at hand: lectures, staged readings, music and dance performances, panel discussions, workshops, and more. 
For a full list of events, programs and exhibitions at the Newberry Library go to www.newberry.org 
Free and Open to the public, though registration may be required

35th Annual Newberry Book Fair
July 25-28
Thursday/Friday, 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday, 10:00am - 6:00pm

Join us for Chicago's most popular used-book binge. Browse through more than 135,000 used books in 70 categories. Scour the sale for amazing deals on cookbooks, fiction, art books, children's literature, collectibles, foreign language, and much, much more. In addition to books, shoppers will find DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, games, posters, and collectibles. With many items priced at $3 or less, the deals are hard to beat. Admission is free.

Everything for sale at the Book Fair is generously donated, and all proceeds help further the Newberry's mission to build and care for  an extraordinary collection
 and share it-free of charge-with thousands of people each year.

The Bughouse Square Debates
Saturday, July 27
12:00pm - 4:00pm

Free and open to the public; no registration or tickets required
At a time when political polarization is intensified by the extremes of digital discourse, the Bughouse Square Debates are a public forum where people can encounter new ideas and share their own-in person!

Wednesday, July 10
The Albizzi Memorial Book: Building A Digital Edition
Between 1339 and 1360, Pepo degli Albizzi kept a ledger and memorial book (VAULT oversize Case MS 27) recording business affairs, accounts of events, personal and family matters, including details of his three weddings, a list of his legitimate (and illegitimate) children and a register of family members who died in 1348 by the black death.
Wednesday, July 17
I n the summer of 1919, Chicago exploded in a firestorm of racial violence that left thirty-eight people dead and more than five hundred injured.
Wednesday, July 24
Italian Paleography at the Newberry
Paleography is the study of the history of handwriting and scripts in books, manuscripts, and other documents. This colloquium celebrates the launch of the Center for Renaissance Studies' Italian paleography website, sponsored by the Mellon Foundation. Developed with the University of Toronto and St.
Wednesday, July 31
Between Art and Anatomy: Leonardo Da Vinci And Marco Antonio Dalla Torre
Around 1510, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) worked with University of Pavia anatomist Marco Antonio dalla Torre (1481-1511), with the intent of producing the finest anatomical treatise ever produced. Yet the two never published their treatise, and the details of their collaboration remains relatively untold in the scholarly work.
Wednesday, August 7
Round About Midnight: Slavery and Freedom in the Land of Lincoln
When did Illinois become a free state? Spanning a century and a half, M. Scott Heerman will trace the making, remaking, and eventual unmaking of slavery in Illinois. Drawing from his new book, The Alchemy of Slavery, he shows that over its long history Illinois went from Indian Country to European Empire, from a border south region to bulwark of the free north.
Thursday, August 29
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Where the Angels Lived: One Family's Story of Exile, Loss, and Return
Meet the Author: Margaret McMullan
Join us for a Meet the Author event with Margaret McMullan, who will be discussing her latest book, Where the Angels Lived.

For more information or to register for one of the events above,   click here.

Replogle Center for Counseling and Well-Being    
126 E. Chestnut

Those undergoing significant loss after the death of a loved one are invited to take part in a grief support group, which is designed to enable participants to help one another deal with grief. Two experienced counselors- Maureen Garvey, L.C.P.C., and Mary Jo Hubick, L.C.P.C.- lead the group. There is no fee.

Tuesdays at Replogle: Meditation
Tuesdays Evening Meditation
7:00-8:15 p.m.
Boyle Conference Room

Donation of $10 requested    
This group meditation is open to all, whether you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner.

Click here for more information or call the Replogle Center at 312.787.8425.

Sacred Pause
7:45-8:15 a.m.
Stone Chapel
Free and open to all
In the midst of your busy life, take a few minutes on Tuesday mornings to find some stillness and experience silence. Take a break from the relentless pace and stress of daily life.

You don't have to be an experienced meditator to attend, and you're free to use the silence of our Sacred Pause in any way you like. We have resources to help you practice if you need help--poetry, readings, inspirational photography--but the format is simple and open: a greeting, a candle, a bell, twenty minutes of silence.


The Replogle Center for Counseling and Well-Being is Fourth Presbyterian Church's response to the mental health needs of its congregation and community. The Center's unique blend of staff from a variety of disciplines enables it to respond to individuals concerns. This response is enhanced by the Center's role as a ministry of Fourth Church, which means that spiritual issues are valued and all religious orientations respected.

For more information, call the Replogle Center at 312.787.8425 or visit www.fourthchurch.org/rc

For more information or to express interest in adding your name to the list for the next group, please call 312.787.8425.

More Great Cultural, Education and Social Opportunities?

We know we didn't get them all in our calendar and newsletter! 

Choose Chicago has an excellent event calendar in which you can search by the date, date range, category of event and location.

20 Mule Team Borax ( Sodium Tetraborate)

20-Mule Team Borax Laundry Booster is available wherever you buy laundry detergent. 
Some interesting facts: 
  • 100% Natural Mineral.  Once it's removed from the ground, it's washed, dried and boxed for purchase!
  • It is produced by the evaporation of seasonal lakes
  • There is NOTHING added, no chlorine, no phosphates, no other added chemicals
  • It naturally softens hard water, which maximizes your detergents cleaning power!
  • Keeps stains from being re-deposited on the clothes in your wash

18 uses for 20 Mule Team Borax
  • Restore shine to your china:  use a 1/2 cup in your dishwater to restore the shine
  • Cut down on water spots in the dishwasher:  add 1 tablespoon in the detergent cup.
  • Mix with water to clean your aluminum pots and pans.
  • Remove stains from carpet:  mix into paste, rub into the stain, let dry, vacuum
  • Liquid carpet stains:  mix 1 cup 1/2 and 1/2 with water. pour on stain, blot liquid, repeat until stain disappears
  • Fresh Smelling carpet:  spray mist of water, sprinkle Borax on carpet, when dry, vacuum
  • You can use 20 Mule Team Borax for roaches & ants:  mix with small amount powdered sugar, leave in problem areas insects will eat it and then die from the gas caused by the mixture
  • Kills fleas:   sprinkle Borax on floors, leave for an hour, then remove
  • Clears drains:  mix 1 cup with boiling water, pour down drain.  Clogs will disappear
  • Cat Litter Box odor:  mix in with litter when changed
  • Odors in mattresses and furniture (including urine):  wet areas, add Borax, wait until dry, vacuum
  • Trash can odor:  Add small amount to bottom of trash cans to keep them smelling fresh
  • Soften Hard Water which can make shampoo s and soaps less effective.
  • Keep Toilet bowl clean & fresh: add 1/2 cup to toilet, let it sit for 1 hour, clean normally
  • Sprinkle on floors near baseboards to repel mice
  • Mix 2 tablespoons Borax, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, in 2 cups hot water to remove rust
  • Put 3 tablespoons in garbage disposal, let stand 1 hour then flush with water to keep it fresh smelling
  • Sprinkle on weeds to kill them, taking care not to get on wanted plants

If you have a tip or favorite quote to share, please send to




Mather Lifeways Tip:

Feeling lethargic is often a result of dehydration. Carry a reusable bottle to ensure you drink 2-3 liters of water per day. Cut back on caffeine, which makes it harder to stay hydrated.

" I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult."

                              -E.B. White

"... eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness,
and maintain an interest in life."

                              -William Londen

Screening of If You're Not in the Obits, Eat Breakfast January May 17, 2017
Dick Van Dyke-92, Carl Reiner-95, Mel Brooks-90, Norman Lear-94

Panel discussion from premiere

"I always said I wanted to be somebody but now I realize I should have been more specific." 
                                            Lily Tomlin

BarryButlerPhotography.com  Lightning over the south loop July 2, 8:49pm