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From Sunday:

Jesus invited the woman at the well to be part of the kingdom. He offered her the living water of the Kingdom so that she would never be thirsty again. Jesus and the woman had an encounter where they shared their stories and really got to know one another.  What did the woman do then? She ran into the city and invited everyone else to be a part of the Kingdom. Let's read John 4:29.

En Agape',  
Rev. Michael Weeks

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This Week's Calendar

Monday:  Elders Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday: Meals on Wheels - Driver Needed
Sunday: Happy Father's Day!

Men's softball schedule:

Come out to Pole Green Park on Tuesday night  and cheer on the team!

Date Time Home Team Location
6/12 8:30 PM Black Creek Pole Green Park #4
6/12 9:30 PM Slash Christian Church Pole Green Park #4
6/19 6:30 PM Faith Landmark Pole Green Park #4
6/19 7:30 PM Slash Christian Church Pole Green Park #4
6/26 6:30 PM Hope Nazarene Pole Green Park #4
6/26 7:30 PM Slash Christian Church Pole Green Park #4
7/3 8:30 PM Slash Christian Church Pole Green Park #4
7/3 9:30 PM Mechanicsville Church of Christ Pole Green Park #4

2018 Vacation Bible School

Venture onto an uncharted island where kids survive and thrive. 
Anchor kids in the truth that Jesus carries them through life's storms.
June 18, 2018 - June 22, 2018
9:00 am - 12:00 pm 

VBS Sunday - ONE Worship at 10:00 a.m.

Join us for a church picnic at the pavilion following our VBS service  on June 24th .  After our ONE Worship we will enjoy a fried chicken lunch with popsicles for dessert! Please bring 2 large dishes to share as we anticipate 
a large attendance.

Flower Ministry

sanctuary flowers
Sanctuary Flowers

The 2018 Flower Chart is posted by the office. 
July 15 is available. If you would like to purchase flowers please sign up on the chart, fill in an order form and return it to the office. You may email or call the office (804-798-4520) to place an order.  The price is $27.00 with checks made payable to Slash Christian Church. 

~Buck and Frances Hale (CCU at Memorial Regional; stroke)
~Reed Harrison (recovering at home from rotator cuff surgery)
~Beth Harris (niece of Don Kersey; new round of chemo)
~Jerry Kersey (brother of Don Kersey; bone marrow testing)
~Shot Mangum (brother of Judy Pierce; Parkinson's - pray for the next step in his care
~Jean Smith (recovering at home from partial knee replacement)
~Bob Henderson (new treatment needed)
~Edwin Moore (friend of Madison Payne; place in hospice care)
~Brenna Canning (granddaughter of Frank Burkett; Chemo starts June 15, bone marrow transplant June 20)
~Gabriel Verrier-Nass (second knee replacement surgery)
~Those suffering with opioid addiction
~Victims and families of school shooting in Texas
~Safety in our schools
~Alexis Smith (niece of Sherri Beth Smith)
~Shaffer family (friends from Craig Springs)
~Ellen Canode (former Nature Camp director; broken hip and blood clot)
~Glyn and Rita Magnum (brother of Judy Pierce after recent loss)
~Cindy Hill (boss of Shanna Penley)
~Ann Graham (sister of Don Kersey; moved to hospice)
~Gary Colbert (brother-in-law of Don Richardson; stroke)
~Lynwood Guyton (friend of Nancy Farrell)
~Merilyn Bremner (sister-in-law of David and Ann Bremner)
~Lizzy Wallace (daughter of co-worker of Shanna Penley)
~MaryLee Jones 
~Jessica Thompson and Victoria & Joseph Wix (niece of Jessica Colbert and niece's siblings)
~All those struggling with substance abuse and domestic violence
~Dianne Jones 
~H.T. Loving (home )
~Iris Epps (friend of Gail Hellermann)
~Carolyn Nash
~Norma Jennings (home)
~Beverly Vaughan
All military personnel, first responders and their families
Unspoken prayer concerns

Love and sympathy are extended to Rebecca Highfield and family upon the death of her grandmother, Christine Van Cleave.

Barbara and Ralph Stanley celebrated 56 years of marriage on Saturday
Melinda Gillam and Elmer Peters are engaged
Jean Smith in worship after partial knee replacement last Monday

We will see you Sunday!
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