Monthly Newsletter | March 2020
Take Care Of Your Mind and Body
March is usually a month to joyfully welcome spring, but this year the coronavirus pandemic has affected many of our lives. Breaking news coverage and sudden changes to routines leave us feeling anxious and unsure of what's ahead.

We encourage you and the young people in your life to help each other take care of both your bodies and minds. Here are a few ways to stay healthy, reduce stress, and keep things as routine as possible.

  1. Wash your hands. Hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid illness and stop the spread of germs to others. Also, here are tips on how to prevent dry and chapped skin.
  2. Get enough sleep. Sleep helps to boost our immune systems and problem-solving skills, while reducing anxiety.
  3. Read stories together. Stories help us express feelings and work through fears in a safe space.
  4. Stay connected to others. Keeping in touch with friends and family by phone or video chat is a great source of support and self-care.
  5. Keep a routine going at home. If your child's school is closed, here is an extensive crowd-sourced list of activity ideas and resources for kids of all ages, and another on education companies offering free subscriptions for learning at home. Each of these lists speaks to the power of community support!
  6. Remember, we can manage this. Many of us have been through challenging times before, and we've overcome. Recalling some of these events, together, can help to build resilience and hope among the whole family.

Please check our website for more resources, and help us to share them with others!
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