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In 2014 I presented a luxurious master bedroom design to a client based in Hertfordshire.

It was an amazing master bedroom with beautiful high ceilings, however, the room didn't feel sumptuous or luxurious.  


The clients had moved from a smaller property to a mansion of a house, so their existing furniture that looked fine in their old house now looked swamped by the expanse of space.   The couple wanted to refresh the master bedroom, keeping the feeling of space and light.   They waned it to feel luxurious and opulent with a touch of colour and a welcoming atmosphere. 

This week, I went back to see how my initial design had been interpreted by the couple.   Here's how I helped them achieve their dream bedroom.



In any bedroom, the bed is the most important feature and should showcase the room.  

In this master bedroom, the existing furniture was moved to a guest bedroom to make way for a sumptuous new king size bed.   With ornate touches and a wraparound headboard this bed is perfectly suited to the client brief, creating a sense of warmth and homeliness with a touch of grandeur. 

The master bed is flanked with venetian mirror bedside tables, edged in gold to compliment the luxurious bed.   A tall mirrored wardrobe covers a door to prevent access from one bedroom to another.   It also provides a full length mirror which is useful when dressing.

The wallpaper incorporates soft duck egg blue tones with touches of gold.   With such a large room and high ceilings, the wallpaper was wrapped around all of the walls to make the bedroom feel cosy and inviting.  Wallpaper is a great way of adding your personality and a touch of luxury into any room.



The bedroom previously incorporated a large double wardrobe but this was too heavy for the room, making it feel smaller and darker than it actually was.     In the new design, I moved the wardrobe to be in front of the unused door and changed it for an extravagant mirrored option.

This allowed space for a dressing table - yeah - that complimented the dressing tables.   A dressing table suits the needs of the wife whilst adding a touch of luxury to the master bedroom.


It's lovely to have a high ceiling and tall windows, but when you dress the windows with straight curtains it accentuates the height of the room.   In this bedroom, the straight curtains made the room feel cavernous and unfinished.

To make the room feel welcoming and luxurious, silk dress curtains (they're just for show and don't close) were incorporated with a pelmet board.   If you notice, the pelmet board is quite deep.   This makes the curtains look more in proportion with the size of the room and lowers the ceiling a little, helping to make the room feel cosy.

The windows were finished off with blackout roman blinds in a stripe fabric.   The roman blinds compliment the colour scheme in the room and provides privacy.   The also add additional texture and interest to the bedroom making the overall design more appealing and attractive.

Now the room is a luxurious and sumptuous master bedroom that feels light and spacious whilst at the same time cosy and welcoming.

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