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Arcosanti AZ, the USA premiere of "Dios de la Adrenalina"

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Winter Solstice 2013

I have spent the better part of the last year safeguarding the collective organism of the Bi Cultural Road Show. At times I described it as being the pituitary gland for a multidimensional dragon, twenty individuals aligned in action, intent, aesthetics and travel. We presented 110 performances over 7 months in 7 states from San Francisco to New Orleans to over 100,000 spectators. We inhabited a unique bicultural laboratory living in ambulatory community, sharing our craft, stewarding experiences of connection and cultivating beauty together. The dragon glistened and swirled in flight across the southwestern corner of the USA; a living example of how cultures can use "culture" as a means of cultivating a thriving and stimulating coexistence. Each company presented their own performance, each company participated in the keystone collaboration "Dios de la Adrenalina" , and each member of the entourage assisted in the community residency "Open Society Project". The small and large sacrifices that each individual made to help the dragon fly are impossible to measure or name but without them the experience would not have been as rich or complete.


The Carpetbag Brigade
With photographer and friend Rick Meinecke after performing "Dios de la Adrenalina" in Tucson AZ

We were hosted by incredibly gracious people who allowed us into their land, yards, theaters, hotels, dorms, tents, living rooms, towns and most importantly hearts. This generosity allowed us to inhabit and empower  a magnificent ephemeral creature of art. There is a deep gratitude that I would like to share on behalf of The Carpetbag Brigade, Nemcatacoa Teatro, Verbo*Bala and Hojarasca to all of you for the opportunity to live within this amazing dragon's pulse of inspiration, expression and reflection. It's breath touched and transformed each one of us.
The Carpetbag Brigade
A visit to the Grand Canyon on our way to Flagstaff AZ.

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A half year ago, The Bi Cultural Road Show was in Hopi Land watching the Kachina Dances at the height of summer. It was a deep honor and blessing to witness one of the oldest ongoing rituals on the continent hold a vitality for its community. If the journeys of our dragon through the southwest provided a portion of that inspiration, meaning, and value for our society I would humbly feel that the value of our work was approaching its potential.
The Bi Cultural Road Show closing circle, bring an end to an inspirational year.
Photographer - Nicole Garneau 

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As we end this year and allow the magnificent multi-dimensional dragon of the Bi Cultural Road Show to rest as winter begins, I would like to ask those of you who are inspired to support the cultural action of The Carpetbag Brigade as an organizational force to assist us with a year-end donation. Our work will continue into the next year with equal force, determination and joy and your support will help to awaken the next evolution of the company.



 Happy Solstice 

Jay Ruby and

The Carpetbag Brigade 


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The Bi Cultural Road Show was made possible by support from the NEA, The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation and the efforts great and small of everyone who hosted, cooked, presented, housed and helped us on our way.
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