Sleeve It, Wedge It, Forget It!
The OCM OS Splice Clip is a mechanical lap splice designed for joining small diameter reinforcing bars with an ease of installation. These OS Splice Clips are a safe, fast and simple way to install splices and are perfect for use in splicing tension bars, column ties, stirrups along with many other applications. The OCM OS Splice Clip is a proven on and off-site system that is ready for installation when you need it and provides you with one of the easiest, most reliable, very efficient and economical solutions to your splicing/-connection needs. OCM OS Splice Clips are available NOW for #3, #4, #5, and #6 rebar, call today for more information!
  • Densely reinforced concrete columns.
  • Beam-column connection.
  • Columns with irregular or rectangular sectional shapes where spirals cannot be used.
  • Stirrups.
  • Longitudinal splices in tension reinforcing bars.
  • Road Repair
  • Bridge Repair
  • Precast
  • Building Extensions
  • Caltrans Approved WT-17-01
  • Simple and Quick
  • Skilled workers not required (Please be sure to follow instructions)
  • The connections can be made quickly, at a rate of up to 400 per man-day.
  • High reliability
  • The integrity of the connection may be quickly determined by visual inspection.
  • The connection can be made outdoors under any weather condition.
  • A reliable connection is secured, exceeding 135% of the nominal yield point of the steel.
  • Relatively quiet operation.
  • Low Cost
OCM OS Splice Clip!
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