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Santa's Sleigh by Shelly Smola

Sleigh bells ring - are you listening? The darling Charmings needed a new chariot to visit friends and deliver gifts once snow descended on the Once Upon a Time village, so Spooky and I got to work and made a new Sleigh for them.

Originally intended for The Charmings, this new set took on a life of its own as Evy Hawkins (A Bit of Stitch) and I plotted, planned and played! While Spooky and I were stitching out sleighs and harnesses, Evy was busily making Rudolph and his team.

Santa's Sleigh by Shelly Smola

But of course, Miss Evy didn't stop there! She also made Mr. Claus....

Santa's Sleigh by Shelly Smola

Mrs. Claus, and elves!! We were giggling a lot while we set up all our new holiday goodies for pictures. You can find Santa's Sleigh here, and Reindeer Charming here. And when Evy finishes the instructions for Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves, you be able to find Santa and Friends here! The Winter Cottage, which is on sale this week, can be found here.

Pumpkin Placemat by Shelly Smola

While Spooky and I have been prancing around singing Christmas songs, Thanksgiving snuck up on us! Need some quickie projects to decorate your table? The Pumpkin Placemat set, which is finished in the hoop, will look lovely under a plate full of turkey and stuffing (and of course pumpkin pie)! You can find it here.

Thanksgiving Serving Set by Shelly Smola

Doesn't that pumpkin pie look delicious! I know I should switch my allegiance to pecan pie now that I live in the south and have a yard full of pecan trees, but mmmm.... pumpkin pie! Still my favorite! The pumpkin pie coaster, along with the pieced placemat and more fall coasters, are part of the Thanksgiving Serving Set. Click here to see more.

Autumn Bouquet by Shelly Smola

This elegant fall set will dress up coasters and tables settings in a quick minute! Autumn Bouquet is on sale this week, and you can find it here.

November Tags by Shelly Smola

If you're doing a bit of traveling this holiday season, make sure to get the November Tags to label your luggage! They also make festive gift tags, and you can find them here.

Pumpkin Spice Collection by Shelly Smola

We've put a few more autumn goodies on sale for you! You can find the Pumpkin Spice Collection here, and all the bits and pieces that make up that set can be found here.

Spooky and Santa's Sleigh by Shelly Smola

With all these new holiday characters, can you guess what Spooky and I are working on now? 😛 We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family! Until next time...

Shelly and Spooky

Shelly Smola Designs Logo
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