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Newsletter      September 2019


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Sweep the Creek this Weekend

Susan Ewing's family and neighbors will again utilize a  raft to help collect trash in the "big bend" of Sligo near Hillwood Manor Park.
Our next  litter cleanup and invasives removal, "Sweep the Creek," takes place this Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22.  The Sweep runs from 9 to 11 am on Saturday and 1 to 3 pm on Sunday. 

On Saturday, the Sweep covers Sligo from the Pepco powerline upstream to Piney Branch Road (sections 1-3), from Wayne Avenue to University Boulevard (sections 5-8), and in Long Branch from Carroll Avenue to the confluence and from the headwaters to Piney Branch Road (sections 10 and 12).
On Sunday, we'll clean up between Piney Branch and Wayne (section 4), from University to the headwaters (section 9), and in Carole Highlands (section 1).

Please click here or here to view a map of the meeting sites in all sections. A recent change not reflected there is the meeting spot in section 5: Because of construction, we'll meet at  the parking lot along Sligo Creek Parkway just downstream (south) from Three Oaks Drive.

We welcome individuals, groups, families, and students, who can receive service-learning credit for their work. (We provide the forms and signatures.) We will have plenty of gloves, bags, water, and guidance on what help is most needed in each section (some sections may also request help with removing invasive plants). It is recommended that everyone wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and closed-toe shoes to protect against thorns and poison ivy and thorns. .All you need to bring is your community spirit -- and a willingness to get a little wet and dirty!
There is no need to sign up ahead of time, but if you will be bringing a group or have questions, it is best to contact the Sweep Coordinator ahead of time at  [email protected].

We look forward to sharing the honor of stewardship with you during our Sweep the Creek, and thank you in advance for your partnership in this wonderful event.

-- Patton Stephens, Sweep Coordinator
Fall Bird Outing Sept. 28

Eastern Bluebird at the Kemp Mill stormwater ponds on September 14 (D. Treadwell photo)

Ornithologist David Blockstein and local birder Mary Singer lead our annual fall bird outing on Saturday, September 28 from 8 to 10 am.
Meet in the parking lot on Sligo Creek Parkway just north (upstream) from Forest Glen Road. The lot is near several stormwater ponds that protect the creek and provide valuable wetland habitat.  
The outing will go forward in a sprinkle but will be cancelled in case of steady rain.The group will look for year-round residents and migrants passing through on their way to wintering grounds further south.  For further information on the bird outing, contact Ross Campbell at this  email address .  
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Stormwater (Elaine Lamirande): [email protected]
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Friends of Sligo Creek is a nonprofit community organization dedicated to protecting, improving, and appreciating the ecological health of Sligo Creek Park and its surrounding watershed.