This month caught me by surprise so I am a little late. Instead of being apologetic I am feeling more elated at being successful in stretching out the days as much as possible.

I bought some Christmas decorations a few weeks ago from a friend who is relocating. As many of you know, I adore holiday decorations...every last commercialized strand..LOL. So I teased my granddaughter that we should just go ahead and decorate early with all my new treasures. Instead of her ready quick wit and infectious laugh, she somberly lamented that her life was slipping away too quickly. My first reaction at my very healthy granddaughter's words was amusement, but seeing her serious face I sensed her concern. My granddaughter is only 10.

So, we are stretching out the days and whenever possible living only in the moment and recapturing the feeling we once had that summer seemingly lasts forever.

This year on our vacation we all spent a week in a rustic cabin high in the mountains with no Wifi, computers and very little TV or phone . The only rule was no plans were made for the next day until the present one was ended.My granddaughter was really 10 again...and so were we.
Did you know that I believe everything has consciousness? Let's say you are at a restaurant, now before you groan about me telling you that the table has feelings...just hear me out. As your food is being prepared, ask "what would it take for the food to be absolutely--------(you insert delicious, nutritious, reasonably priced, generous ,etc) . When the food arrives, silently thank it for all it offers and then enjoy. If this changes your way of seeing, tasting or enhances your enjoyment...then pat the table on the way out. It's probably been a long time since anyone really appreciated it.
I am going to make some big changes this Fall . The first is that I am either going to transfer my newsletter from Constant Contact to Mail Chimp or do away with it entirely since my schedule is usually posted on my website.
The second big change is that I am going to start a blog and share with you stories, psychic experiences and everyday ramblings. I will be sending an invitation to all of you when I am up and running with it and I do sincerely hope you will subscribe.