Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen your faith and connect with the community.
Sunday, April 7th
Fourth Sunday in Lent

Bible Talk
9:00 am in the Old Manse

Worship 10:00 am
"Slow Sheep"
Food Drive
Saturday April 6th
Southold IGA

Stop by and support our Youth in their outreach efforts to to fill our
 local food pantries

The One Great Hour of Sharing Special offering will be taken up this Sunday April 7th in worship.
To learn more click the arrow to view the video below.
Thank you in advance for your generosity!
The church’s identity reflects the call of Isaiah to become repairers of the breach. It is through One Great Hour of Sharing that Presbyterians come together to open our doors to become the church with all the people we see.
Easter Flower Memorial Donations are now being received for Easter Flower Memorials. Send contributions to the Church Office with the name of the donor as well as the name(s) of the person in whose honor/ memory the gift is given.
Deadline April 17th.

Emma Bregman 04/07, Caroline Stahler 04/08,
Joy Davis 04/09, Robert Hamilton 04/09,
Douglas Heath 04/09, Erik Schwartz 04/10,
Tim Trujillo 04/10, Stephanie Cavagnaro 04/11,
Fred Koke 04/11, Margot Bridgen 04/12, Valerie Gatz 04/12.
Mary of Bethany: The quintessential worshiper and intimate follower of Christ.

How did Mary alone have such profound insight? Because she alone was at His feet constantly, expressively, expectantly. Be a worshipper in your morning devotions, in your evening watches; be a worshipper here on Sundays, on Friday evenings, or whatever it might mean for you. Be a worshipper and watch and see what will happen, for, like Mary, you'll hear the Lord's heart; you'll know things that would be otherwise unknowable. From Blogger John 3:16 (Jesus the way the truth the light.)