August 2017
Make time to enjoy the end of summer!

Floating Vanity Master Bath
Project of the Month
A wall mounted vanity, skylight and frameless shower glass help a small bathroom feel more spacious.
Thomas Edison National Park
Thomas Edison's (1847 - 1931) laboratories in West Orange, NJ are designated a National Historic Park. Edison is well known as the inventor and improver of the incandescent light bulb, phonograph, x-rays, batteries and much more.

But on my first visit there, I was more inspired by the endless vignettes of shapes, textures, shadow and light.
Green Design & Mindful Living
I highly recommend Method's Smarty Dish dishwasher tabs. Not only does Method make great products, they also do good in the world. Method is part of a new breed of sustainable manufacturing seeking to do more than "not harm". They are a founding member of b corp whose mission is to use business for social and environmental good.