A brief end-of-July celebration of our collective job well done. Vermont producers, distributors, grocers & shoppers have been wearing masks all along. Here is a mini-recognition of these efforts across the supply chain. Keeping us & our summer fun-loving visitors safe during these dog days of summer is our next step.
Week 19 of Covid-19, July 24
"But looking at the situation in the South and West, and with modeling showing outbreaks may be spreading back toward the Northeast, we need to protect our hard-won gains. This is a much better approach than having to roll things back, like they’ve done in states like California." Gov Phil Scott
For the past 19 weeks Small Bites has shared resources, tips, supply-side insights & plenty of state, regional & national updates. Because of our strong readership participation in sharing information, we send out this photo gallery showcasing your commitment to keep the pandemic in check during extremely tough economic times. A big thank you for all the support for our work, as we try to support your food business. Onward, with masks.
(most of the pictures have identifying links to click on, if you are interested)
MaskonVT: Staycationing
Grab your masks & santizer for a mini road trip for a well-deserved break! Follow the fun with the Vermont Ice cream map. It goes perfectly with the DiginVT Pick Your Own Fruit Guide . Explore all of Vermont using the food trail tool
Reminder! Mark Mulcahy Business consultant of Rising Stars Seminars Farm to Plate & Columinate rekindles (lost-to-covid) trainings important to food businesses & retailers. Next up is July 30 Flavor Foundations
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