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Preparing for foliage season uptick
Oct 29 & 30th Retail Seminar to Drive Sales
Norwich, VT
Invest in your staff with a tune-up that improves your operations and crafts a stronger, more profitable store.

It's a rare opportunity to have nationally respected consultants Mark Mulcahy & James Morrell share their understanding of the changing retail landscape. Learn, share your knowledge and be inspired to take your store to the next level.

If you want to attend and are concerned about covering costs, we have scholarships available. Contact me, we want you in the room!
Curate Foliage Specials
With fall leaf peepers coming to the state, be sure to feature Vermont products so tourists can savor the flavors of Vermont back home. Simple, easy to shop displays can feature VT specialty foods. Maple is always good to promote but consider too our chocolatiers, caramels, jams, pickles and of course craft beers and exceptional craft ciders too.
Ever get shorted by your distributor? Steeple Market in Fairfax had a quandary when they did not receive an order of pizza shells. They retooled the cooler filling otherwise empty space with toppings and dough. The set was a quick fix that generated sales AND ideas making it easy for customers to shop while adding color to what would have been empty space. Well done Emily at Steeple!
Let us help you train your staff at no charge to you! Check out Take 5 ; our series of twelve 5-7 minute clips.
It's apple season in Vermont! Every week local orchards have new varieties coming on. Your job as a retailer is to help customers become more familiar with the nuances of flavor.

Transitioning your backstock from primary distributors to local suppliers can be a juggling act but one worthy of crafting.

Increasing sales might require streamlined pricing. This allows customers to mix and match and reduces single use plastic. Knowing apple characteristics & varieties helps staff market for uses such as pie, eating out of hand, and ones that can stand up to sauteing with local meat such as pork tenderloin.
Rooted in Vermont is featuring local baked goods for the month of September. Take advantage of the radio promotions with your own in-house displays and cross merchandising to promote local bakeries.

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