Small Bites:
Be an Agent of Change
Validate, Facilitate, Amplify

As a retailer, you have a fair amount of power and influence. Your decisions on purchasing products can help propel local businesses to gain stronger sales.
In essence you are a "validator" and amplifier for your gateway producers (defined as emerging or small scale businesses producing products from within your community).

Using any number of marketing means to expand customer awareness helps build product exposure, while buying direct from producers, you help strengthen their bottom line. Purchasing direct and promoting local producers showcases your relationship to the community too. NOFA-VT has just completed a report on the costs of distribution. It's an interesting read-check it out to learn how your choices impact local producers.
Limited Availability Feeds Sales
Nothing says scarcity and opportunity better than Vermont Cranberry Company's seasonal bounty. This rare crop is an opportunity to engage customers; freshly harvested berries and the value-added power-house juice sold in the refrigerated section can round out your seasonal local food mix. Customers LOVE the tart flavor of the berries and you can promote these with robust displays for Thanksgiving sales.
The Regenerative Retail Seminar was two full days of activities focused on business concepts and connections to the full supply chain. Attendees toured Cedar Circle Farm & the Upper Valley Produce warehouse as part of October seminar. James Morrell & Annie Harlow led the seminar while Mark Mulcahy facilitated content development. Many thanks to the hosts & food system speakers who supported this collaboration and our sponsors Farm to Plate & VAAFM.
In promoting Thanksgiving products, consider that not all customers will want a whole fresh turkey. Stocking other turkey products can meet customer needs while introducing them to new product lines. Stonewood Farm in Orwell is the state's largest producer of fresh turkey for the holiday meal. They also offer a fantastic line of frozen sausage and ground meat.
The frozen ground dark meat is a wonderful addition to stuffing mixtures, meat loaves, tacos.
Make a splash increasing holiday sales while showcasing product-based-cheer. Feature Sumptuous Syrups a 2020 Good Food Award finalist in your holiday gift displays or to spruce up seasonal beverage offerings. Their line of syrups blend beautifully with Vermont craft beverages.
Over 65 VT food producers, buyers & distributors met up at the annual Producer Buyer Forum , this year co-sponsored by Farm to Plate, The VT Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets & ACORN. A fantastic day of connecting to expand market access of a range of products to a variety of buyers. Thank you to all the panelists, producers & buyers who made this such a success by building our local economy.

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