Governor Cuomo Announces Multi-Agency Effort to crack down on underage drinking in October

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that there will be a statewide crack down on underage drinking during the month of October.

The New York State Liquor Authority and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, along with local law enforcement agencies, will conduct underage drinking checks at licensed retailers suspected of selling alcohol to minors, including bars, restaurants, liquor stores and grocery stores.

New York vs. Grubhub

With Grubhub and other delivery apps gaining popularity with customers, few restaurants can afford to opt out.

“Grubhub has such huge market share that to say no, a lot of them feel like they’d be missing out on a lot of business,” said Melissa Autilio Fleischut, president of the New York State Restaurant Association. “There are lots of concerns, but I don’t know of any restaurant who says, ‘I’m not going to do it through these apps.’”

Properly Train Employees to Prevent Sexual Harassment



A positive workplace doesn't just protect your business - it can reduce employee turnover and create a more enjoyable environment for both employees and your guests - everyone wins.

What Victoria Blamey’s Gotham Bar & Grill Takeover Means For Female Chefs Everywhere

In the dynamic world of New York dining, Gotham Bar & Grill’s 35-year-old record of successful sameness makes it somewhat of a unicorn. Its reviews are as likely to mention “longevity” and “reliability” as much as they are the food; it is the place to go if you want “comforting, old-fashioned stability.”

For nearly 35 years, the person responsible for that consistency was Alfred Portale. The chef-owner made himself synonymous with the restaurant, but earlier this year, that changed. He left Gotham to work on another venture, and in his place stepped 39-year-old Chilean native Victoria Blamey.

CAPITAL REGION JOB FAIR | Monday, October 21

9:00am – 12:00pm, The Desmond Hotel, Fort Orange Room

We know you are busy - so we're making this easy for you. This will be a small, targeted job fair for your restaurant and the specific jobs that you need to fill.

Send us the list of job openings you have and attendees will be invited based on your job criteria, then walked directly to your table upon arrival.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS OCTOBER 7 , there is no cost to register.

Space is limited, so please reserve your table right away! Email Sarah Higgins at or call 800.452.5212.
6 Menu Hacks To Get Your Customers To Order More

Most restaurant-goers are looking for an  experience  when they’re dining out—one that is worthy of their hard-earned money. Therefore, it’s important to craft the menu in a way that resonates with customers and even inspires them to take certain action.

Think of your menu as an opportunity to subtly educate and promote the extensive nature of the “source to table” process, which isn’t often thought of when placing an order. Subliminal messaging and the power of suggestion are great ways to guide the decision-making process. Here are six menu hacks you can do to get your customers to experience your best dishes and, ultimately, order more.