First-of-its-kind Restaurant Industry Job Fair

Jobseekers aspiring to work within the Capital Region restaurant industry spent their morning visiting a first-of-its-kind Restaurant Industry Career Fair.

The new event, held at the Desmond Hotel in Albany on Monday, was a collaboration between the New York State Restaurant Association and the New York State Department of Labor, with the overarching goal of introducing the myriad of job opportunities available to those interested in the regional restaurant industry.

The Biggest Names in Food Delivery Are Getting into the Restaurant Business

Online restaurant delivery services are flourishing, in large part, because they fill a void: an easy, one-stop way to order food from a variety of your favorite restaurants and have it brought directly to your door. But as the industry has matured, more and more, those services aren't just delivering food, but also  getting involved with the food they deliver . In the past week, the three largest brands—DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats—have all further expanded their business into ventures beyond simple delivery.

FREE WEBINAR | The Brave New World of Scheduling and Pay Advance Apps
Thursday, November 14, 2019 | 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Please join Jackson-Lewis for this informative presentation where we explore the latest workplace technological advancements and learn from actual case study examples on how to correctly use these tools while taking safeguards to protect your company.

  • Compensability issues raised by mobile scheduling devices
  • Compensability of non-exempt employees’ access to technology away from the workplace
  • Third party company applications allowing for pay advances
  • Reimbursements for the mobile devices and how to calculate the proper amount of reimbursement
  • Privacy issues

What Restaurants Need to Know about Data Security and Cyber Security

Customers entrust their data to restaurants in a variety of ways. Every time they hand over a credit or debit card, they are trusting a business with essential information. The advent of online ordering increases opportunities for restaurants to gather data about their customers—but it also adds to the responsibility.
The ease and speed of modern society has its pitfalls. Restaurants can, through a few transactions and web visits, begin building an entire profile of customers and potential customers. Cookies can track a user’s web habits and discover their interests, and, using that data, targeted ads can be directed at those same users.

The 2020 Michelin Stars for New York City Are In

Among the 76 restaurants that received a coveted star (or two, or three) are a small group of newcomers. The much-celebrated Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Westchester's (quite literally) farm-to-table eatery was awarded two stars for 2020, the first year it was eligible, per  Grub Street ; Estela, The Four Horsemen, Crown Shy, and other more recently established spots also made the cut.

A safe workplace is a key component in not only controlling injuries, but also in controlling your Workers’ Compensation cost.

Creating a safe workplace is a long-term continuous project that takes commitment from upper management in order to create a business environment that has low accident rates, low turn-over and high levels of productivity. Ultimately, this will result in lower annual workers’ compensation claims.