De Blasio’s next ‘gift’ for workers is murder for mom-and-pop shops

Mayor Bill de Blasio may ­apply one of his election-try themes at home: requiring employers to give workers two weeks’ paid vacation. This benefit sounds innocuous. Nearly nine out of 10 private-sector workers already get at least two weeks’ paid time off, according to the city’s figures — so why not make it the law?

But New York’s small businesses are struggling against high rent, competition from Amazon and onerous existing regulations; one more mandate may force employers to send staff on vacation permanently.

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63% of millennials seek plant-based, unprocessed food

The plant-based diet is having a moment, with  a recent report  from Grubhub showing that vegan-friendly dish orders have increased 25% so far this year compared to the same period last year. 

A number of companies have stepped forward to capitalize on a growing group of plant-based consumers. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods made a meteoric entrance with their plant-based meat substitutes, now offered nationwide at fast food chains like Carl's Jr. and Burger King, but they're  coming under increasing fire  for being highly processed and containing a large number of ingredients, many of which consumers don't recognize or desire.

Action Alert:

A drafting error in the 2017 tax reform bill left improvements to your restaurant with a 39-year depreciation period instead of the 15-years that Congress intended.  It also eliminated bonus depreciation. This hurts your ability to make certain improvements and investments in your facility.

We need to ensure Congress hears from restaurant owners and operators about this important issue.  Please share your own perspective and stories with us so that we can help move Congress to act.
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Make a Lasting Impression: How to Create Meaningful Offers that Spark Long-Term, Loyal Customer Relationships

It’s a sad fact of being a restaurant owner: even if your food and service are excellent, and a first-time customer had a wonderful experience, it may still be a while before he or she comes through your doors again. After all, customers have choices. Lots of them.

It can be especially difficult for a restaurant owner to turn new customers into loyal ones if those people are new to the area. New residents often sample a variety of restaurants before choosing their favorite spots. That’s why it’s important to do more than offer incredible food and focus on creating a great first impression. Obviously, those things are important, but it’s vital to create a relationship with that customer.