NYC’s impending foie gras ban has boosted sales up to 30 percent

The New York City Council’s  recent move to ban foie gras  has only served to goose sales for the fatty delicacy, the industry claims.

Since the November vote, sales of the buttery goose and duck liver are up 20 percent to 30 percent, according to farmers, distributors and chefs who say news of the ban has only helped to remind customers how much they love it.

Restaurants Want To Soften Burden Of Proposed New York Styrofoam Ban

Environmental groups on Tuesday cheered  Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed ban on foam products  like takeaway containers used by restaurants.

But the restaurants industry is cautiously watching how the debate over the ban will unfold.

“While we encourage sensible measures that are good for our environment, we must also be mindful of placing additional burdens on restaurants that already struggle to navigate all the government red tape associated with hundreds of regulations,” said Melissa Fleischut, the president and CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association.

Department of Labor Keeps Tip Credit Intact for Hospitality Industry
In what can only be described as monumental news for the restaurant industry in New York, Governor Cuomo and the Department of Labor have announced that NO changes will be made to the tip credit for businesses that fall under the Hospitality Wage Order.  This means that for the foreseeable future the tip credit will remain and provide restaurants with a valuable economic tool that will help them make ends meet. 
New York's minimum wage rose again. Here's what it will be in 2020

For the fourth-consecutive year, New Yorkers earning minimum wage will be receive a pay increase this month, but the state's growing Medicaid costs and shrinking population have critics of the policy raising concerns.  

This year's raises — which took effect on Dec. 31, 2019 — come on the heels of an  analysis  issued by the state's Division of Budget that found the annual increases have had "negligible" effects on labor markets across the state.

ACTION ALERT: Tell USTR to Stop the Tariffs on European Wine, Champagne, and Food Products!

The Trump Administration is currently proposing tariffs of up to 100% on wine from the European Union (EU), French sparkling wine and champagne, as well as olive oil, cheeses, and other products from the EU. These tariffs may take effect as soon as next month. If enacted, the tariffs would have a significant impact on restaurants and the products we import, profoundly affecting our supply chains and operations.

The National Restaurant Association will be submitting comments and has prepared an action alert to encourage our members to contact USTR and tell them to stop these tariffs.  The action alert allows members to submit comments on both proposed tariffs simultaneously.   You can see the action alert here:
What You Need to Know for 2020
Advocate Webinar | Jan 9, 2020 10 a.m.

Join NYSRA President/ CEO, Melissa Autilio Fleischut and our Government Affairs Team, Kevin Dugan and Kathleen Reilly, as they provide an overview of changes to current laws, and what we anticipate to be key legislative issues for the restaurant industry in the year ahead. This is a great opportunity to get up to speed on legislative issues and have your advocacy and compliance questions answered.

NYSRA Safety Group 505 Members to Receive 25% Dividend - Totaling $3.6 Million!

NYSRA Services has announced that Safety Group 505 members will receive a 25% dividend for the 2018-2019 term. This is the third consecutive year with a 25% dividend, and 50% total savings on workers' compensation premiums for members.

Contact Kevin Cook to switch to NYSRA Safety Group 505 for your workers' compensation - be part of the group!