New York Partners With Nearby States to Coordinate Economic Reopening

Seven northeastern states — including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut — are working together on a coordinated reopening plan, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday. The plan calls for a regional advisory council that will guide re-opening efforts across the northeast, and consists of a public health official and an economic development official from each participating state. Aside from the tri-state area, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts will also be joining the effort.

Chef Robert Irvine: How restaurants can come back from COVID-19 pandemic

Chef Robert Irvine said on Tuesday that the two greatest challenges for restaurants will be customer confidence and creating new provisions to adapt to a world impacted by the coronavirus.

“The whole world of the restaurant business, and business in general, is going to change,” the host of the show “Restaurant Impossible” told “Fox & Friends.”

How Can Restaurants Recover From Coronavirus?

The restaurant industry is suffering, like most of the economy. But there will come a day when people will eat out again. And while the landscape will be drastically different, the experience may be strikingly familiar. Once the health crisis subsides, what will it take for restaurants to open their doors?

What Restaurants Need From the Next Federal Stimulus

The key to the next COVID-19 stimulus package, which Congress will consider this month, will be to address the failures and omissions of the previous trillion-dollar spending bills. The next stimulus should tell the food world: We’ll help you, especially if you need to wait it out a little longer.

The Governor’s office is working on building a reopening plan. NYSRA would like to provide data directly from the restaurant community on how the reopening should proceed.  Please take a minute to complete this survey so that you can help shape the plan for restaurants to reopen.