National Restaurant Association's Guide to 2030

Succeeding in the restaurant industry will always be about great food and great service. In 2030, however, it’s going to be about technology and data, too. For a long time now, restaurants have known that they need to get more innovative … and fast. Technology and data allow for quicker consumer response, and restaurants will need to be nimble. Restaurants will need to embrace new ways of using data and information to keep up — or get left behind.

Foie gras distributor slapped with lawsuit 24 hours after NYC’s new foie gras ban

Voters for Animal Rights, a Brooklyn, New York-based animal rights advocacy group that lobbied for yesterday’s successful foie gras ban, has filed suit in the Eastern District of New York, alleging that D’Artagnan, the country’s largest distributor of foie gras, misleads the public with   “deceptive acts and practices” and false advertising that violates state business law.

17 Things (Successful) Restaurant Managers Never, Ever Do

Never say never, except when it comes to restaurant manager missteps. From closing early to relying on regulars, see if you’re making these common mistakes. Then, get 17 fast fixes – all backed by the latest research – to rock your role as a restaurant manager.

Olive oil lobby to FDA: Regulate us, please

The olive oil industry wants more government oversight. On Monday, the American Olive Oil Producers Association (AOOPA) formally requested the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) set and enforce quality standards for different kinds of olive oil. In a citizens’ petition, it argued that the current dearth of industry regulation is causing “widespread mislabeling of grades, adulteration, consumer mistrust, and unfair and unethical industry business practices.”

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