Running List of States Allowing Restaurants to Reopen

Restaurants in several states have opened doors for the first time to on-premise dining or plan to do so in the next coming days. The ‘rolling reopening’ started with Alaska last Friday and next was Georgia and Tennessee opening doors this past Monday.

The other states opening up include Montana, Iowa, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas. When Texas reopens this Friday, the number of potential open establishments in the country could double as the state has more restaurants than all the other states combined according to National Restaurant Association 2018 data.

NYC Restaurant Owners Trying To Wrap Their Heads Around All The Changes They’ll Have To Make In Order To Reopen

For the second month in a row since the outbreak of COVID-19, New York state restaurants have been among the hardest hit in the country.

It’s leaving many owners thinking about how they will run their restaurants once they’re allowed to fully reopen, CBS2’s Charlie Cooper reported Tuesday.

Safe Dining? Hard to Imagine, but Many Restaurants Are Trying

For most American restaurateurs and their customers, the idea of reopening a dining room with waiters and a wine list may seem unthinkable when most of the country remains locked down and the nation’s death toll from Covid-19 has topped 50,000.

But even before the first of the nation’s scattered restaurant openings in Georgia and Alaska got the green light, chefs and public health officials around the country began considering in some detail how a post-pandemic restaurant might look.

New York State COVID-19 Updates

Today Governor Cuomo held his daily briefing, during which he addressed many COVID-19 related topics, including revised testing criteria for all first responders, healthcare workers and essential works, as well as closing schools for the remainder of the academic year.