House gives final passage to $484 billion coronavirus relief bill

The House passed a nearly $500 billion interim  coronavirus  bill Thursday that includes additional money for the small-business loan program, as well as for hospitals and testing, making way for the legislation to become law by the end of the week.

The restaurant industry in New York State has been hammered by the pandemic. As a result, it could lose as much as $3.6 billion in sales for April alone.

On Tuesday, NYSRA released the findings of a nationwide survey which also polled more than 500 restaurants in the state amid the growing economic crisis in the wake of the pandemic.

How The Coronavirus will Change Restaurants

The coronavirus crisis has shocked every corner of the restaurant industry. Closed dining rooms and shuttered locations, social-distancing strategies and an economy deep in recession are all wreaking havoc on independents and chains alike. Nobody knows how many restaurants will emerge once the pandemic ends. What is sure is that the industry will never be the same. 

Reopening Guidance

As state and local governments consider reopening their economies in response to COVID-19, the Association has assembled a group of experts, led by Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification & Operations, from the Food and Drug Administration, academia, and the public health sector, to draft guidance for restaurants that guide state governments and align with opening plans.

Buffalo bar and restaurant owners say loan programs don't work for them

Melissa Fleischut, the President and CEO of the NYS Restaurant Association, says the association is pushing for a program that would take into account the unique operation of bars and restaurants.
"We would love to see some kind of specific restaurant industry recovery fund made available to this industry. It's just been a devastating impact across the board on the industry," she said.
The NYS Restaurant Association is encouraging Congress to add funding to the PPP, but also to find a way to help restaurant and bar small business owners.

NYC restaurants worry customer-density rules will sour reopenings

Owners of many shuttered Big Apple restaurants are less worried about making rent payments during the coronavirus pandemic than they are about  customer-density rules  likely to be put in place once they reopen.

Le Bernardin chef and co-owner Eric Ripert  is hopeful that he can work with his landlord to keep the great, three-Michelin-star seafood palace afloat during the shutdown despite having no revenue.