What You Need To Know About Styrofoam and Plastic Bans in America

Many cities and states are cracking down on the use of Styrofoam and plastic containers or utensils in food service applications. Legislative acts controlling the use of these materials have been spreading along America’s coastlines and across the country. Because they impact any food service operation from food trucks to hospital cafeterias, it’s important you stay informed to avoid potential fines and costly fees.

Duck farmers say New York City’s foie gras ban is unconstitutional

After decades of surging popularity, the tide may be turning against foie gras in America.  Recent bans in New York City  and California on the  contentious delicacy , which is made from the specially fattened liver of a duck or goose, have aimed to end production methods that some lawmakers say are inhumane.

But those bans will have punishing effects on rural communities, say the few remaining foie gras producers in the Northeast. Last week, the country’s two largest operations and their county chairman filed formal petitions to declare New York City’s recent ban on foie gras an unreasonable restriction on their farms, and asked the state to declare it unconstitutional.

Everything Restaurants Need to Know About ADA Compliance

The number of Americans living with disabilities is larger than many think. The Census Bureau reports that more than one in 10 of us—12.7 percent—have a disability that impacts major life activities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts the number at one in four U.S. adults, or 61 million people.

Under the ADA and individual state codes, a stringent set of laws are in place for restaurants and other private businesses to accommodate those with disabilities, ranging from handicapped parking space requirements to sizing statutes for restroom facilities to rules for dealing with service animals.

8 Ways Restaurants Have Changed in the Past Decade

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Albany County Legislature Passes Ban on Plastic Straws

The Albany County Legislature passed a bill Monday banning the use of plastic straws.
The law will prohibit restaurants and fast food locations from providing plastic straws and cutlery unless requested. Restaurants will be allowed to use non-plastic alternatives.

The County Health Department is also now tasked with educating the food service industry in the county on these changes and also enforcing the law.

The ban will go into effect six months after being enacted. Repeat offenders can face up to a $250 fine.

Tax Season's Greetings: End-of-year financial tips for your small business

With an already long to-do list, tax preparation for your small business is likely the last chore on your mind this holiday season. However, starting early to prepare your financials can benefit you in the long run.

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