Registration for Member Summit closing on 9/6!

We believe it is vital to come together as a group to share ideas, network with fellow members, and strengthen our organization. This is why we have made The Summit registration FREE for one person from each member organization, if you register by 9/6!

Please join us at the beautiful Inn & Spa at East Wind on Long Island this September to learn, GROW, and have a great time. Our on-site room block also ends on 9/6, so reserve your spot now!

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Win $10,000 for Your Community: 2020 Restaurant Neighbor Applications Now Open!

With nine in 10 restaurants actively involved in community service, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) and American Express are honored each year to salute the best of the best with the Restaurant Neighbor Award. This year, we celebrate a small business, a mid-size restaurant company and a large, national chain by presenting each with $10,000 to support a favorite charity or community project. Judges evaluate the winners on overall philanthropic impact and the duration of their involvement, innovation and level of support.

Top 5 Restaurant Theft Tactics and How to Counter Them

It’s one thing to report lackluster restaurant sales because of a slow economy or missed marketing opportunities. It’s another entirely to realize the people you’ve hired to work for you have been skimming off the top and stealing from the register.

Don’t think you have an employee theft problem?
You’re probably wrong. Every year in the restaurant industry, employee theft accounts for  $3 to $6 billion  of missing income for high-volume restaurants across the country.

Clarifying Hidden Cost of Dining Convenience

A court ruling last year made it permissible for businesses to charge an extra fee to customers who pay with a credit or debit card. (Previously, New York was among the states that banned the practice.) In a convoluted case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which handed it back down to the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, the ruling held that passing along a processing or convenience fee to customers is permissible as long as the charge is clearly spelled out and listed in dollars and cents on the transaction receipt, not as a percentage that requires consumers to do math.

September Is National Food Safety Month!

National Food Safety Month starts next week, and the Association has excellent promotional materials ready for download. The theme, “Controlling Risk: The Elements of a Food Safety Management System,” helps you create a culture of food safety in your operations.

Mobile Payment Solutions Transforming Restaurant and Food Delivery Business

Mobile payment, whether you use it for paying your bills or transferring money to someone or to pay for your food and essentials, is continuing to make a deeper impact across multiple industries. From banking to retail stores to travel and transport to restaurants and food chains, app developers are increasingly using mobile payment solutions as for many industries and business niches.