AOC’s approach to wages helped close a restaurant where she used to work

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will return to her restaurant roots today, tending bar in the 14th Congressional District (location TBA) to raise support for a campaign to change how tipped employees are paid. The problem is, the approach she’ll champion helped to close at least one joint AOC used to work at.

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A dynamic seminar that will show you ways to attract more reliable, skilled and motivated employees – and how to keep them working for you.

Microgrants Available for NYC Businesses Looking to Reduce Food Waste
The Foundation for New York’s Strongest announced its second Microgrant Program to help small businesses reduce food waste. Selected businesses can receive an award of up to $2,000, plus technical support from the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute, to develop and implement innovative food waste solutions.

Google Lens will show reviews if you point it at a restaurant’s menu starting this week

Google is launching a pair of interrelated features that are designed to make it easier to pick what to eat at restaurants. The first allows you to point your phone’s camera at a restaurant’s menu to see user reviews and photographs of the dishes. The second is a new “Popular Dishes” sub-menu within a restaurant’s page in the Google Maps app.
5 high-tech innovations at the NRA Show

The future of the restaurant industry was scattered across the NRA Show floor last week, with even more tech companies putting their products on display. Click the link below to learn about five platforms that targeted key challenges in the industry, including the rise of foodborne illnesses, slow drive-thru times and labor shortages.

Opening and Closing Checklists for Restaurant Servers

Opening and closing checklists are incredibly important assets for servers. They reduce forgetfulness, decrease human error, shorten the amount of time it takes to complete a task, and increase the quality of each task’s execution.