De Blasio's half-baked policies are killing small business

"New York recently ranked as the ninth worst place in the United States to open a business, yet we hear so much about how small businesses are the backbone of our city and so vital to what makes New York unique," says Dawn Casale, owner of One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn.

Four out of Five Small Business Owners Fear Layoffs from Unfunded, Paid Vacation Mandate

A June survey that NYSRA helped undertake finds that small business owners across the five boroughs fear layoffs and curtailment of their operations if New York City adopts an unfunded mandate requiring employers to provide employees with two weeks of paid vacation

Rochester has reinvented itself as the Northeast’s best beer town

Rochester, New York, and its 208,000 residents have the most breweries per capita of any city in the Northeast after Portland, Maine. That’s the 21st-most in the country. Monroe County, where Rochester lies, is home to 26 breweries. Extend that out to neighboring Ontario and Livingston Counties, and that number reaches close to 50.

When should kitchen staff wear gloves?

"Advice Guy" Jonathan Deutch, PHD, reviews the proper usage for single use gloves in a restaurant's kitchen.
Restaurant industry to hire former inmates to ease labor shortage
The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation received a $4.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to develop model training and job placement programs for young adults who are currently incarcerated or who were recently incarcerated.

New Study Says There Are Not Enough Vegetables on Earth Right Now

According to a new study from peer-reviewed medical journal the Lancet, there’s not enough fruits and vegetables on the planet for everybody to meet the World Health Organization’s nutritional recommendations.