Why the retail apocalypse is the main factor in restaurants’ traffic problems

The industry will have to adapt to a new reality with fewer shoppers and the simple fact is this: If consumers are not shopping, that means there are fewer occasions that can get them to dine out.

Albany County defeats law that would give employees paid sick days

The Albany County Legislature on Monday defeated, 21-17, a law that would’ve required employers provide both full- and part-time workers with paid sick time with total time accrued dependent on the size of the employer.

GROW | Webinar Wednesday
The Right Way to Set Your Food Cost Target

June 19 at 10:00 am
Learn the 3 food cost targets you need to know to be profitable – and much more!
Topics covered:
  • Why using a national average is a mistake.
  • Why accurate inventories are critical.
  • 3 food cost numbers you must know to make money.
  • The key systems that get results.

Reminder: Cannabidiol (CBD) Is Prohibited in Food and Drink

The NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene issued a reminder that as of July 1, food and drink products that contain CBD will be embargoed and beginning on Oct. 1, violations will be issued if restaurants are not in compliance.
Digital restaurant orders growing at a double-digit clip

A new study shows that digital restaurant orders have grown by 23% over the past four years and now represents 3.1 billion visits and $26.8 billion — or more than 3% of the $863 billion industry. Digital orders are expected to continue the double-digit growth through 2020.

Restaurants’ meat replacement sales jump 268%, study finds

Restaurants’ sales of faux meat products have soared 268% so far in 2019, a breakneck acceleration from the 21.7% increase logged last year. But the increase in demand has also come at a rising price for restaurants.