November Small Grains News
Happy Thanksgiving All,

Hope you're heading into the holidays with the field season behind you. The months ahead are a great time to catch up with reading on small grains production and get your seed catalogs and variety trial data out and start selecting your varieties. You can find such resources on our snazzy new website.

And don't forget to sign up for cost share acres if you have not already - I'm almost out of acres! Learn more about cost share here.


Cost Share Acres for 2019 are Nearly Gone!
Fifty four farmers have submitted requests for nearly 4,500 acres of 5,000 available acres of cost share for small grains harvested in 2019 and a following cover crop that includes legume species. For details on the cost share eligibility and program requirements refer to this flyer.

In order to stake your claim to acres before they're gone, submit your inquiry via this link.
Upcoming Farminar on Winter Wheat
In lieu of a shared learning call for December, we've lined up a special treat -- a "farminar" or the PFI version of a webinar. On November 27 from 7 to 8:30 pm the virtual presentation via computer will cover "Where to Begin with Winter Wheat Production." The presenters will be Kristy and Bob Walker, who are looking to add winter wheat to their diversified farm operation, but have struggled to get started and Paul Ackley (in photo), who has been growing small grains like winter wheat for many years. He will discuss why and offer some advice for the Walkers to get started.

You can join the farminar from your computer at this webpage:
Tuesday, November 27, 7 - 8:30 p.m. | Join this live web-stream event on our website
Spring Small Grain Variety Selection
Unsure which small grain is right for you? Here are some resources:
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