Instead of meeting at church for Impact@Night on Wednesday, April 10th. We have set aside one Wednesday night for small groups to gather off-site during our normal programming time, with the whole goal of building community!

Below you will find a list of grades and locations where the small groups will be meeting. Students are to be dropped off and picked up at the location listed with the exception of 8th Grade Guys.

We are very excited for this special night and feel that it will be a night of great community and relationship building within our small groups!
6th Grade Girls: SkyZone
6th Grade Guys: Jason's Deli and Ben&Jerry's (Friendly Center)

7th Grade Girls: Salsarita's (New Garden)
7th Grade Guys: Sparetime

8th Grade Girls: Mad Platter (Battleground)
8th Grade Guys: Cici's (Drop Off @ Battleground Cici's and Pick-Up @ Westover)
Have questions? E-mail Anna Lilly at