Small Group Trainings Begin Monday 6/29

Beginning next Monday, we will offer one-hour training sessions for our players. The WIAA with the approval of the governor’s office, State Department of Health, and our risk managers have created guidelines that we will be required to follow for the trainings.

          Who : To start with, we will work with incoming 10 th – 12 th graders. We will add incoming 9 th graders later in July.
         What : Players will work on conditioning, strength development and movement drills for one hour, two times a week. We’ll continue the Zoom meetings on Wednesdays.
         When : The guidelines only allow us to work with kids in groups of 5 (including a coach). The groups are called “pods.” Per the guidelines, once a player selects their time and day, that’s the group/pod they are required to stay with for all the workouts for this phase – there is no movement allowed between groups . These are the time and day options:
  Mon/Thurs – 9am, 3pm, or 5pm
Tues/Fri – 9am, 3pm, or 5pm
         Where : Tahoma HS stadium

To participate , players will need to:
         Register on FamilyID FamilyID Link
  ~An updated physical through at least 8/1 is required.

~There is a COVID-19 Waiver that will need to be completed. Complete the COVID Screening Form ( Covid-19 Screening Form ). This needs to be signed by the player and parent and brought to the player’s first workout.
 ~Click on the link and sign up for your workout slot.
Remember, once you select your slot, you need to stay with it. You may need to consider your transportation situation when creating your group.

WIAA guidelines are attached if you’d like to see them. WIAA Football Guidelines

Workout Guidelines
  • No groups of more than 5 people (includes coaches and participants). A separate coach can be involved with additional groups of 5 people.
  • Locker room should not be utilized. Students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at the end of the workout.
  • Workouts should be conducted in “pods” of students with the same group of students always working together. This ensures limited exposure if someone develops the infection.
  • There must be a minimum of 6 feet between each individual at all times.
  • Neither coaches or participants can have any contact whatsoever with another participant.
  • No shared equipment
  • Students should wear their own workout clothing that will need to be washed and cleaned after every workout.
  • No balls at this point – conditioning and body weight strength training only.
  • Workouts will be outside – easier for the 6 foot spacing and currently our gyms are housing school supplies that have been collected.
  • Athletes need to bring their own water bottles and they cannot be shared.
  • THS training room water bottles and water system cannot be used.
  • Vulnerable individuals should not participate in the trainings.

If you or your player are not comfortable participating yet, we understand and support that decision.

Tony Davis
Tahoma HS
Athletic Director/Assistant Principal
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Our first fundraiser of the year is this FRIDAY JUNE 26th !
From 4-9pm 20%of all sales will be donated to MVTB to support our players and coaches. The boosters will be set up outside the store from 5-8 with our SHAVED ICE machine!

Also the Maple Valley Car Culture Club will be doing a CRUISE around 4 corners and ending at Jersey Mikes. We would love to have a players drive in their own cars wearing Tahoma Gear. Meet at the HS parking lot at 5:30 to join the cruise! All players who drive or ride in the cruise, wearing tahoma gear and have photo proof, will get a free Shaved Ice! Lets show our town our Tahoma pride and spirit!
# One Town One Team