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Novozymes Eyes Increase In US Ethanol UseDanish biotechnology firm Novozymes said it expects a slight rise in US ethanol output in 2017, after an increase in production in the first quarter of the year.   Read More

Untold Story Of DDGs Positive Environmental Impact:
The benefits in feeding distillers grains are well known-it's an economical, nutritious, palatable addition to livestock and poultry rations. Less well known are its environmental benefits.  Read More

Kwik Trip : The New E15 Leader:  
With 62 stores now offering E15, Kwik Trip has become the new E15 leader in Minnesota. Beginning in March, the company started to phase out its 89 octane midgrade fuel, replacing it with the 88 octane, E15.  Read More  

Gasoline Contained More Than 10% Ethanol In 2016: 
For the first time ever, gasoline in the US contained over 10 percent ethanol, the RFA reports.  Read More

API Push Poll Doesn't Reflect Reality :
 The API comes up with yet another poll skewed against biofuels Read More

Developments in cellulosic ethanol technology are viewed as opportunities to help grow demand for Earth-friendly American ethanol.

E15 Sales Hit New Record In February:   E15 sales in Minnesota hit a new record in February with sales breaching 850,000 gallons. According to data from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, E15 sales in February closed at 855,593 gallons, 3.38 percent higher than the 827,613 gallons recorded in January.  Read More

New Record For Ethanol Exports In February: U.S. ethanol exports hit 138 million gallons in February, the third-highest monthly volume on record, according to government data released today and analyzed by the RFA. Read More

Ethanol Workforce Big On Military Vets:  A new  Department of Energy (DOE) study  shows that military veterans make up a significant share of America's ethanol industry workforce which is not only larger than any other energy sector but more than twice the national averageRead More

E15 Infrastructure Bill Gets Support From Legislators:  An infrastructure bill that would increase access to E15 in Minnesota has received the support from some key legislators.  

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Twenty-one students from Minneota High School visited the ADM Corn Processing ethanol plant in Marshall on April 19 to learn more on how Minnesota-grown renewable energy is produced.  The students, from grades nine to 12, toured the various production process areas at ADM Corn Processing. 
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MBA and KS95 FM teamed up April 24 to reward drivers who chose E15 during an hour-long promotion at the Holiday station on County Road 24 in Plymouth.  From 12 pm - 1 pm, MBA and KS95 rewarded 25 drivers who switched to E15 from regular unleaded.  Read More

Thirty-two high school students toured Guardian Energy's ethanol plant on April 12 to get a closer look at how renewable energy is produced.  The students, from St Peter High School, toured the various processes of ethanol production at Guardian Energy, which produces 120 million gallons of ethanol a year.  Read More

MBA and KS95 FM teamed up on April 13 to reward drivers who fueled up with E15 (Unleaded Plus) during an hour-long promotion at Highland Service Minnoco.  Read More                                                                          Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube