What is an Impulse Toy?
You know, those irresistible little toys that seem to call our name,
saying “play with me.” More affordable than their bigger,
more complex counterparts, these smaller, tactile fidget toys 
delight children while enhancing their development.

We have some of the BEST impulse lines and here we highlight
some of the current best sellers.
As always, click on the images to view a current catalog!
License 2 Play - Peeps Chick 
License 2 Play - Bob Ross Happy Little Tree Mints 
US Toy - Bean Boozled
US Toy - Smarties Mega Double Lollies 
US Toy - Swirl Pops
US Toy - Flashing UFO Top 
Keycraft - GOOBALLZ Cosmic 
Keycraft - Squeezy Unicorn and Rainbow 
Keycraft - Giant Rainbow Squishy .
Keycraft - Splat Tomato & Egg 
Jeannie's - 6" Dinosaur Hand Puppets  
Jeannie's - Spiky Squish Stretch Ball 
US Toy - Squeeze Mesh Ball Dino 
US Toy - Smooshy Stress Alpaca 
Santa's Toys - Poppers 
License 2 Play - PopToy 
HABA - Popping Toys
Watchitude - Pop'd 
Keycraft - Twisty Blocks 
Keycraft - Kaleidoscope
Super Impulse - World's Coolest Richard Simmons Keychain 
Super Impulse - Micro Arcade Tetris
Super Impulse - Micro Figures GPK 
Super Impulse - World's Smallest My Little Pony 
Santa's Toys - Fidget Cube 
Santa's Toys - Fidget Bean 
Blue Orange - Loopy Looper 
Blue Orange - Fingears 
FGA - Tutti Frutti 
Keycraft - Goobands GLITTOPUTTI 
Jeannie's - Rainbow Bounce Putty 
US Toy - Glow in the Dark Slimes 
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - SCENTsory Vibes Flower Power 
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Trendsetters CAMO 
Keycraft - Living Nature Wild Boar 
Keycraft - Living Nature Farm Mini Buddies Asst 
License 2 Play - Cats vs Pickles 
License 2 Play - Squishville by Squishmallow