Don't miss live demos of New Scale's tiny motion systems in San Francisco Feb. 7-12.  

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New Scale News
January 2015

Are you attending BiOS or Photonics West? Here's your chance to see our incredibly small motion modules in action! You can also talk with our experts about your specific application and requirements. 


Where you need micro optics to move...

we're already there!


We'll be doing a sneak preview demo of our newest rotary motion system, and showing all of our latest products as well (see below).


Let us know if you want to schedule a private demo in San Francisco, or if you can't come to the show but want to meet us another time. Email us or call Heidi at (585) 924-4450. 

In this issue
~ M3-LS microstage demo
~ M3-FS focus module demo
~ Micro beam steering demo
~ M3-L acutator demo
~ SPIE BiOS and Photonics links
~ Contact us

~ Product Demonstration

   M3-LS Smart Stage with built-in controller

Precision micro positioning stage has built-in controller for smallest size and unmatched ease of use

VIDEO: M3-LS Smart Stage Developer's Kit
VIDEO: M3-LS Smart Stage Developer's Kit
The M3-LS Linear Smart Stage has 0.5 �m resolution with absolute encoding and built-in controller. At just 29x20x10 mm with NO external control board, the M3-LS gives you the smallest overall footprint and easiest system integration of any micro stage. 

It is powering a new generation of portable instruments that require precision motorized optical adjustments.

~ Product Demonstration

  M3-FS Focus Module with built-in controller 

VIDEO: M3-FS Focus Module Developer's Kit

Miniaturize cameras and imaging systems for 

medical, industrial and commercial applications


The M3-FS focus module delivers precision lens motion in small spaces, for lens diameters up to 16 mm. This tiny closed-loop lens motion system helps you create next-generation portable devices.  


The M3-FS is the smallest, easiest-to-integrate focus solution for product designers creating miniaturized optical systems for a range of markets.


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~ Technology Demonstration

  Micro Beam Steering Solutions 

Two-mirror beam steering

Miniaturize cameras and imaging systems for 

medical, industrial and commercial applications


We will demonstrate at two-mirror M3 Smart Module solution for laser beam steering. 


This module uses two UTAF™ piezo motors to move two orthogonal mirrors independently of each other. It enables laser beam steering over a +/- 40 degree field, similar to the motion used in a galvo. 


However, the M3 module is significantly smaller than a galvo, needs no separate controller, uses less than 0.9 W while moving, and holds mirror position in sleep mode to further minimize power consumption. 


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~ Product Demonstration

  M3-L Linear Actuator 

M3-L linear module

The M3-L Linear Actuator is a simple piezoelectric actuator with built-in controller for closed-loop positioning. It has 6 mm travel, 0.5 micrometer resolution, and 3.3 V input. 

The actuator has push and pull tips to move your translation stage, lever or other object. (If you prefer to skip the hard work of building and integrating a precision micro stage, consider the M3-LS Linear Stage instead!)

M3-L applications include laser beam steering for targeting and medical applications, as well as photonics tuning and high-powered RF and microwave tuning.


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~ Upcoming Events
   See us at SPIE BioS / Photonics West

SPIE Photonics West and BiOS

BiOS Expo | Feb. 7-8
New Scale booth #8427   Find us on the floor map

SPIE Photonics West  | Feb. 10-12
New Scale booth #630  Find us on the floor map

Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA USA


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