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Max Larin, XIMEA CEO
Max Larin, CEO XIMEA Gmbh

Vist XIMEA's booth at the Stuttgart VISION 2011 fair, Hall 4, Booth B13, and learn why we believe you should get more without paying more in your next machine vision system.

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See you at the show!
CGPC Camera: CURRERA-G with AMD Fusion Sets Machine Vision Record at 90 Gflops
PC Cameras, the next iteration of smart cameras, leverage heterogeneous processor architectures to put a full industrial PC, OS, image processing library and peripheral and networking support in compact camera...Read More
MQ-series USB3.0 Camera Smallest, Fastest, Best: MQ Series Ultra-Compact USB 3.0 Camera
The MQ series features a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed data interface capable of 5Gbit/s and throughput of up to 400 Mpix/s; frame rates up to 600 fps; and CMOS sensors with improved quantum efficiency in the visible and NIR spectral ranges, including an HDR model with dynamic range of 100 dB...Read More

XIMEA: Setting the Standard for Industrial, Scientific Cameras

XIMEA MOVIE XIMEA strives to deliver extremely compact cameras and imaging systems with the highest levels of processing power, maximum compatibility and extraordinary support at competitive prices. The scope covers industrial cameras for motion control, assembly, robotics, and industrial inspection and process control, as well as scientific cameras for life and material sciences, security, law enforcement and defense applications.

XI xiRAY Camera Chosen for World's First 11 MPix Micro-CT Scanner
In a head-to-head contest, micro-CT scanner manufacturer, SkyScan choose XIMEA's xiRAY11 camera over competing x-ray cameras for its next generation 11 Megapixel micro-CT scanner. XIMEA's xiRAY11, an 11Mpix, fiber-coupled and cooled x-ray camera, is based on Kodak's KAI-11002 sensor. The xiRAY11 also features XIMEA's proprietary sensor driving technology, CLEANPATH, which enables the xiRAY11 to deliver crystal-clear, 14-bit images with a 36 x 24mm field of view. The xiRAY11 has a 4 fps refresh rate at full resolution mode and 12 fps with 4x4 binning, as well as user-settable exposure times from 12μs to 500sec; all these features come in a camera module measuring only 63 x 63 x 40mm...Read More

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