Didn't Think You Could Market to Fleet Professionals without Breaking the Bank?

Think again.

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Fleet Management Weekly (FMW) offers an audience of 18,000+ that's comprised of nothing but professionals who are focused on fleet.

FMW also offers a variety of Content Marketing and Advertising packages (and à la carte options) that deliver proven results in a cost-effective manner. A ll for considerably less than what you would pay the other guys.

Time and again, we see that Content Marketing (via articles and video) is the best way to get our readers fully engaged with our clients' messaging.

Key Benefits to Content Marketing and Advertising in FMW:
  • We are a trusted third-party resource with an entirely fleet-focused audience.
  • We get your message in front of the right people: our industry-standard e-newsletter goes out to 18,000+ people every Tuesday - and sees Open Rates that average 17-20%.
  • Your content lives on, on our website. The content is search-engine optimized, and easily found - today, next week, next year, and beyond -- on a custom page that is branded with your ad banners.
  • Beyond the clear value of having your content featured in our e-newsletter and living on our site, we also strongly recommend that you leverage the content we publish for use on your own website, in your own newsletters and blogs, and in your marketing and sales pieces -- giving you the added gravitas of being able to point out that content about your company has been featured and touted by a trusted industry resource!
Our website -- FleetManagementWeekly.com -- is a premium site that's all about fleet. A lively, engaging repository of Articles, Videos, and Thought Leadership pieces that we've published throughout the last decade -- content on the website is easily searched and found.

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Target Fleet Professionals with 100% Accuracy & Win Them Over

Why are we so certain that Fleet Management Weekly delivers 100% accuracy when targeting fleet professionals?

Take a look at our numbers:
  • Our readership of over 18,000+ is entirely composed of fleet-focused professionals, and those readers are highly engaged.
  • 61% of our readers are charged with managing fleets, directly or indirectly.
  • 42% of our readers directly manage fleets -- spanning both Corporate and Government fleets (approximately 52% Corporate, and 48% Government).
  • Nearly one-fifth (19%) of our readers are VP level or above, ensuring your content and advertising are reaching key decision-makers.
Want to know more about what FMW can do for you? Check out our  Media Kit.

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Thought Leadership:
The Magnet That Attracts + Engages Your Audience

If your audience is fleet professionals, then our audience = your audience.

And one of the best ways to reach and engage your audience is with excellent Thought Leadership content, a key component of every single issue of our Fleet Management Weekly e-newsletter.

At FMW, we feature Thought Leadership columns (many of which are sponsored, by the way) on topics including Fleet Marketing, Global Fleets, Sustainability, The Fleet Customer Experience, Accident Management, and more - and there are still some excellent sponsorship opportunities available.

For a good example of FMW's Thought Leadership content, check out this timely Fleet Marketing column from marketing expert Ed Pierce:

Underdog Marketing: How to Take on the Big Brands
by Ed Pierce, Fleet Industry Marketer

More and more fleet providers seem to face a 'David versus Goliath' situation when it comes to competing for the hearts and minds of fleet decision-makers.

The fleet news headlines shout that the big are getting bigger and even threatening to swallow more. The other big fleet kahunas are looking to catch the wave of unhappy fleets who feel like Jonah in the whale.

With all this happening, the smaller, vertically-specific service providers seemingly don't stand a chance. But, among the fleet service providers I serve, being the underdog is an advantage. They are confident competitors with focused expertise that ensures the best value for their customers. So, they are more than happy to be underestimated. Especially from a marketing perspective, digital technologies are leveling the playing field, too.

READ MORE for some great ideas on how smaller companies can compete effectively with the big boys with their big marketing spends.

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Make FMW a Key Part of Your Marketing Budget -- We're Ready to Deliver!

Ready to set up a customized, impactful Content Marketing and Advertising program that gets your message in front of the right fleet industry decision-makers -- and moves the bar?

You'll be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of FMW's offerings. But we think you're going to be even happier with the results we deliver!

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FMW wants to be your secret weapon when it comes to effectively, economically targeting fleet managers.