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January 2016

Learn about your 2016 utilities bill
In 2016, rates for typical four-service residential, commercial and industrial customers will decrease compared with 2015. Although there were increases in the parts of your bill to support maintaining and improving the utility system, decreased prices for natural gas and coal nationwide allowed us to pass along a decrease in the fuel portion of both natural gas and electric bills. Other changes for 2016 include some adjustments in the way your bill is itemized.

Most customer billing cycles will span December 2015 into January 2016. As a result, you'll see 2015 rates and structure and 2016 rates and structure itemized. To see samples and a more complete explanation, visit our bill explanation page.
Take advantage of residential rebates for the new year
Whether you're buying a new home, remodeling or just trying to reduce your monthly utility bill, we are here to help with money-saving rebates on energy-efficient products.

Start by identifying areas in your residence where you may be wasting valuable energy by completing our free energy home audit. Next, put money back in your pocket with rebates for efficiency upgrades, windows and renewable energy. Visit to see all our rebates.
Don't forget to water- --  even in the winter
Even though landscape plants are dormant and brown, they should be watered periodically. By choosing to winter water, your lawn and landscape plants will have a much better chance of greening up beautifully when the warm weather of spring returns.
  • Choose a warm winter day above 40 degrees and unfrozen soil.
  • Water one to two times per month from November to April.
  • Water at mid-day so it can soak in before it freezes.
  • Remove the hose from the spigot after watering to prevent freeze damage.  

Click here to learn more about winter watering.

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