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June 2017
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Honor Retired Vets
Adapting 7/4th
Smart Homes

I am writing this letter to thank you for the outstanding service you provided in locating a home for my mother. Our need was very last minute and in emergency status. Money had run out and we were frantic to find her a place that accepted only social security. You were able to recommend the home she currently resides in. You were so helpful and reassuring during a time of crisis and stress. Best wishes to you and my highest recommendation to any client that seeks your services.

Susan E. 
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American Eagle Day

Celebrated annually on June 20, the observance commemorates the day in 1782, when the bird was added to the official Seal of the United States. On the front side of the Great Seal of the United States, a bald eagle is depicted holding an olive branch in its right talon and 13 arrows in its left. The olive branch and arrows symbolize the United States' commitment to peace and its readiness for war, while the number of arrows - 13 - refers to the original 13 states.


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What makes us different from our competitors is that we do not give you a list of facilities to cold call. We research, interview, tour, negotiate cost, and select the best available options for your particular needs.

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Summer is on! Thinking ahead to July 4th, check out the article on how to help seniors honor a day that means much, in light of how many war veterans there are in the senior population who fought for our freedom. And, while we are at it, let's peruse another of this month's articles to discover some out of the box ways to honor our retired veterans. On another note, homes are becoming "smarter" enabling seniors to minimize risk and increase safety and comfort. Get in the "know" with our article on Smart Homes. I know I didn't put in an article on hydration to kick off the summer. But, keep in mind during this heat wave, that seniors need to be intentional about this topic. Keep the water flowing, and enjoy a warm and healthful summer!

Warm Regards, 
Honor Retired Vets
Six Ways To Honor Our Veterans July 4th

Do you have big plans this 4th of July? Celebrating our freedom never gets old, and we're fortunate to know so many veterans who've sacrificed to fight for that freedom. As we finalize plans to celebrate with friends and family at BBQs, pool parties, and fireworks displays, we also encourage you to celebrate by honoring those who've spent their lives serving our country. Here are six ways you can honor our military this holiday weekend.
Adapting 7/4th
Fantastic 4th of July Activities for Seniors  
When older adults are included in group celebrations like 4th of July, they feel  engaged in life and connected with family and friends.  But some traditional activities might not be well-suited for seniors.

Smart Homes
10 Smart Home Devices for Aging Seniors and their caregivers
Many seniors want to maintain their independence as they get older, living at home as they enjoy the golden years. However, as a caregiver, you may worry about your loved one-what if they fall? What if they forget to take their pills? What if someone breaks into their home?
Making appropriate and successful placements 
 in the care community.  

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