Just because it is industry-leading technology,
doesn't mean it has to be complicated. 

If a tool made to "reduce time on the job" takes forever to set up, then it is counter-productive.

With the Peinemann Flex Frame Retro-Fit Kit, you can have
your system equipped with Smart Indexing with a
one-time installation that takes less than

Installation of the navigation sensors is effortless,
as they slide inside the length of the aluminum-extruded rail
and clamp securely in place on both ends.


Once the assemblies have been installed, the Terydon App  on
the Android Tablet provides a user-friendly teaching process.
There, the operator "teaches" 4 tubes on the bundle face,
and the pattern is successfully mapped out!

Once the bundle pattern is "taught", the system is now ready  to
accurately navigate from tube to tube with a single click of a button!

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