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Dear All,

Recently, I have been in touch with a HUGE and PROLIFIC law firm that is interested in my proposal to sue Edison for taking advantage of people who opted out of smart meters and may currently be over billing them without their knowledge.  However, in order to get them signed on, I have to present them with solid evidence.  Because I rent as opposed to own, I am not privy to our electric bill and my landlord is out of the country for a few months.  If anyone on this list opted out of smart meters and would be so kind as to scan their bill and email it to me - you can of course cross out your account #, address, last name, whatever personal info you like, but I need to examine opt out customers bills. 

Ideally, we would like someone who's bill is...

1) Relatively low or who does to use a lot of electricity.

2) Someone who's bill is high or if you consume a lot of electricity.  In fact, the higher the bill or the more electricity used the better for this part of the exam.

3) And finally, someone in between high and low but feels they may be being charged too much.

I really appreciate your help with this.  Please don't hesitate to call or email me with any questions you might have. 

Please also fee free to pass this email on via the Forward to a friend button or just copy and past the above link into FB as we cannot move forward with the above 3 types of bills in order to move forward.

Thank you very much and sincerely,