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Smart Sarah - the Book!
In order to inspire kids to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - you have to start young, make it fun and show them images that are relate-able. That was the thought process when Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman created her first children's book.

The title of the book is  Smart Sarah and the Magic of Science . The title is actually a play on the concept of Science which, in fact, is anything but magic. Taking into consideration young minds of the book's target audience, often science can seem like magic. The book is intended to appeal to their sense of wonder and awe! We can't tell you much more without giving away the storyline. Let’s just say the things that attract Sarah to Science are lighthearted, fun and contagious! Our goal is for young readers and their parents to try some of the experiments and activities together. If you do a science experiment related to the book, take a picture, share it with us and we will share it with others.

SMART SARAH - Is Intended for Several Age Groups
Smart Sarah and the Magic of Science is intended for 3rd - 7th graders. Some of the words may be challenging but with the help of parents and teachers young readers can expand their vocabulary. They'll learn new words like pigment, melanin, rainbow, perceptive, demonstration, nurturing, formula, test tubes, goggles and experiment.

But we know sometimes everyone has their hands full and doesn't have time to read to our future scientists, so the author has recorded the book and young readers can listen, follow the words and turn the pages.

That means they can listen to it over and over until they learn to read and recognize the words. Parents just have to tune their devices to the episode of our podcast where the author is reading Smart Sarah and the Magic of Science.

Smart Sarah isn't just for Girls, there's something for all ages and genders!
Smart Sarah is just one member of the "Maker Family." Everyone of the members of their family are STEAM makers.

In the next release you'll meet Sarah's brother PJ and you'll learn what the making of a Mathlete is all about. You'll get to know her teenage, big sister, "I don't know" Nola. We see how she struggles through finding her passion. Finally, you will be introduced to college-bound, big brother Talented Terence where his ability to bounce back gets tested.

And there are many other stories to tell about Sarah's grandparents, her parents, cousins and friends.

Stay tuned and stay in touch so that you can be the first to get the next release in this series about finding your STEAM!

Look for Smart Sarah On Bookshelves at These Stores
Smart Sarah is available online direct from the publisher in either eBook format or paperback. Smart Sarah is also available via Google books and

During the month of August, copies will be shipped to local bookstores. If you don't see Smart Sarah on your local book shelves - request a copy.

Here is a list of some of the first stores to carry Smart Sarah and the Magic of Science:

  • Medu - Greenbriar Mall - Atlanta, GA
  • Nubian Books - Morrow, GA
  • The Underground Bookstore - Chicago IL
  • Community Book Center - New Orleans
  • Olive Tree Books - Springfield MA
  • Urban Knowledge - Temple Hills
  • The True Bookstore - Southfield, MI
  • Progressive Emporium - St. Louis, MO
  • La Unique African American Books - Camden NJ
  • Zawadi Books - Buffalo, NY
  • Sister's Uptown Bookstore - New York, NY
  • Ujamaa Book Store - Columbus, OH
  • Third Perk Coffeehouse - Dayton, OH
  • Hakim's Bookstore - Philadelphia, PA

Smart Sarah is not only a Book - It's a Game!
Smart Sarah and the Magic of Science is about a little girl's curiosity and how her family helps feed her imagination and desire to learn about things related to what is called science.

To help feed young people's thirst and curiosity, we use the Kahoot's platform which is a quiz gaming platform that let's students earn points, compete and win prizes.

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Purchase a copy of the "Smart Sarah and the Magic of Science" and we will donate a separate one to a daycare in your local area!

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