Summer is coming up quickly! With my two daughters living away from home, it's not quite as much of a dramatic change in schedule for Rob and I. However, I am a fan of the extended sunlight hours.

That being said, clients often ask me about the best way to manage the increased sunlight in their homes. So, this month we're covering one of my favorite types of window coverings - automated ones. Beyond convenience, they offer energy efficiency and home safety (an important consideration during summertime vacations). Read on to learn how adaptable the options are to your home.

Finally, the savings continue with Hunter Douglas' Celebration of Light rebate through mid-June, followed by the Smart Shades Savings Event for rebates on motorized shades. It’s a great time to save on several light filtering shades like the ever popular Silhouettes, Pirouettes and Luminettes. 

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May/June 2019
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Automated Window Coverings

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The home redesign process can be made "green." Community Forklift of Hyattsville accepts building materials, functional appliances, tools, and furniture for both resale and donation. By recycling home improvement items back into the community, the carbon footprint of construction can be hugely reduced!

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Automated Window Coverings
Just a few years ago, automated window coverings were considered a luxury that required a substantial investment. But advanced technology and lower costs has made them more affordable and readily available today. Beyond simple convenience , automation offers  safety, security and energy efficiency.   

Draperies, blinds, shades, shutters, outdoor awnings and storm shutters can all be automated and controlled from a handheld remote, wall switch, smart phone, or even a voice command. 

The ability to control shades with just the push of a button or with a vocal cue eliminates the need for draw cords, which pose a tangling risk for households with young children or small pets. Simple operation also benefits those who are elderly or handicapped. Power systems are also a great option for large, tall or hard-to-reach window coverings, which can be heavy and difficult to lift with a single cord-drawn system.  
Automation also offers security. With today’s systems, window coverings can be scheduled to routinely raise, lower, open and close even if you’re not home. Imagine an automated home in which the lights and shades operate at the same time every day, whether the residents are home or away. This is an attractive option to those who frequently travel or have second homes.
Energy efficiency is also another benefit of automation. Imagine automated shades that are scheduled to lower when the afternoon sun is the hottest and rise when the heat is less intense. With one step further, these same shades can be tied to your HVAC system (via an app), closing when the room reaches a certain temperature.

Home automation is becoming increasingly common with systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home. It's easy to set up and use, providing safety and efficiency in your home.
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