If someday they say of me that in my work I have contributed something to the welfare and happiness of my fellow man, I shall be satisfied.

-George Westinghouse
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Thanksgiving is around the corner, and most people are gearing up for the holiday season. Here at ROMAC, our PCI product group is producing switchgear with high-tech metering, our ROMAC Supply product group is moving some transformers, and a couple of us even had time to see a movie based on electrical history. This month we're also featuring our PCI Maintenance Bypass Cabinets. Enjoy this month's Hotwire today and your turkey next week!
Smart Power Metering
PCI Offers High-Tech Options for Your Metering
PCI has been installing high-tech multifunction metering in our switchgear for years. Digital multifunction switchboard meters--such as Electro Industries Shark 100--offer multifunction electrical power measurement and many communications options. PCI can install your choice of smart multifunction metering from a variety of manufacturers such as Electro Industries/Gauge Tech, SEL, ABB, Bekwith, GE, EATON, Square D, and more.

Contact a PCI sales representative today to find out how we can help you make your new or existing switchgear more advanced with high-tech metering systems.
Voltage Transformers on a PCI 5kV Switch
Current Transformers on a PCI 5kV Switch
At PCI, we integrate smart metering into low and medium voltage gear. The voltage transformers and current transformers pictured above are part of a 5kV (medium voltage) switch and interface to a Shark 100. The voltage transformers are 5kV to 240/120, and the current transformers are a 100:5 ratio. PCI can install smart technologies on any of our gear.

Contact a PCI sales representative today to find out how we can help you make your new or existing switchgear more advanced with high-tech metering systems.
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Electrical History Dramatized
"The Current War" - An abridged account of the war of currents
Most people today—at least those who are not a part of the electrical industry—take our power grid for granted. Miracles of technology such as AC generators and power transformers get very little attention from the public at large. We live in an age of digital magic, but the infrastructure that makes it all possible is so integrated into our daily life that we don’t usually think about it. “The Current War,” the director’s cut now in theatres, brings back the days when the future of power distribution was still unknown, people were fascinated by incandescent lightbulbs, and the captains of industry and invention were sparing over what type of current would be the standard; AC or DC.
“The Current War” takes a multifaceted chapter of American history and condenses it into ninety-minutes. Because the actual war of currents involved a cavalcade of characters and situations, too nuanced for a commercial movie, the main players are either caricatures or composites of the actual historical figures they attempt to portray. The main characters in the movie—Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch), George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon), J.P. Morgan (Matthew Macfadyen), and Nikola Tesla (Nicolas Hoult)—have the personas of folk tale heroes rather than flesh-and-blood people. To historians and those seeking the deeper issues and motivations that influenced the era, the lack of depth may be frustrating. However, by not delving too deep, the film is able to take a complicated story and condense it into a few bites that can be digested by just about anyone walking in off the street with no knowledge of industrial history.  
“The Current War” is not a particularly accurate historical record; it is full of exaggerations, omissions, and simplifications. However, some of this can be excused due to the time constraints of a feature film and the scope and ambition of the story being told. No expense seems to have been spared in the cinematics, and the look and feel of the film do a good job of portraying the kinetic spirit of ambition and optimism attributed to the industrial revolution.    
If you’re looking for an in-depth and detailed account of the war of currents, “The Current War” will disappoint you; however, if you don’t mind a slightly pseudohistorical—if not entertaining—account of events that will undoubtedly leave you with a desire to learn more about the real story, this film is worth the price of a movie ticket.
The magic and miracle of electricity is often overlooked. Electrical professionals—especially on the power distribution side—rarely get an opportunity to see the magicians and miracle workers who brought this incredible industry to light—pun intended—portrayed by Hollywood in the same cinematic glory as so many monarchs, politicians, rockstars, and socialites. “The Current War” gives just a little due glory to all of us who do our part to keep the lifeblood of our civilization—electricity—flowing freely, safely, and affordably.   
"The Current War" condenses the war of currents into an easy to digest fairytale.
Moving Transformers
At ROMAC Supply, we're making room for new stock! We need to move over 200 transformers--new, unused surplus, and reconditioned. Transformers of all sizes are available. Want to find out more about the transformers we need to move? Contact our sales representative Rich M. direct now!
Rich Marinelli


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Maintenance Bypass Cabinets
For UPS Systems in data centers, telecom, and similar applications.
If you have had any exposure to large data centers, you have probably seen or used an MBC manufactured by PCI under a different manufacturer label. Major brands have contracted our cabinets for many years. Our cabinets have been contracted by major brands for many years. PCI's high-quality maintenance bypass cabinets, for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) backup power systems, allow maintenance professionals to completely de-energize a UPS system service or scheduled maintenance while continuing to keep critical plant processes operating.
These full-featured cabinets can be loaded with options or customized to meet specific requirements. They are ideal for any size data center, or similar application, where it is critical to keep power flowing while essential maintenance is performed on bypassed sections. PCI produces MBCs with the knowledge that space can be limited, safely enclosing all components into a compact form factor.
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